Saturday, 12 September 2015

Rockin Baby Pouches

Baby slings and carriers of various designs have been around since man and womankind took their first steps upon the planet. They’re still in use today which is a testament to their usefulness and practicality.

As many parents know, a baby sling, pouch or carrier can be a real benefit, almost as good as having an extra pair of arms. Not only due to the freedom of having unencumbered hands, but also the movement they allow whilst knowing your little one is safe and secure. 

Also despite it being the 21st Century, some places are just not buggy or pram friendly. Such places can be a real nightmare to negotiate whilst trying to ensure displays/shelves /other people’s children aren’t knocked flying by your less-than graceful buggy driving skills in spaces a spelunker would think twice about.

Having encountered the above scenario in the past, when we were sent a Rockin’ Baby baby pouch to review we were delighted. The one were sent is the Night Sky Reversible Pouch in Blue which is perfect for Mum or Dad alike.

Not only is the pouch practical, but it’s incredibly comfortable and soothing for baby as well. I could still do all sorts of tasks including shopping and walking, as well as sit and work at my desk without feeling encumbered or Noah being disturbed-Fantastic for me, great for baby!

For those of you that may not have heard of them, Rockin’ Baby is an American company whose slings and pouches are handmade in the USA. 
The funky bright designs and fabrics used by Rockin’ Baby are unique to them and won’t be found anywhere else.

You’ll be glad to hear that Rockin’ Baby is also a company with a very firm ethical stance. For every Rockin’ Baby sling or pouch sold, another will be donated to a mother in need in Haiti or Kenya.
 By doing so, Rockin’ Baby seeks to educate mothers in the importance the pouch or sling holds in their baby’s life. 

Rockin' Baby have also recently launched a childrenswear collection which is funky as well as functional - and the ethical stance continues as for each product sold, an item of clothing will be donated to a child left orphaned as a result of Ebola.

Rockin’ Baby pouches and slings are available online at with prices starting at £49.00

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