Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Siblings in September

The bond between my two brothers has grown this month, and it's been the loveliest thing to witness.

Noah has really come on in leaps & bounds over the last few weeks and his personality is really shining through now - he seems somehow less baby-like and more like a proper little character - he's been doing some "big boy" things like playing in his jumperoo and this was where I first noticed the bond between him & Tyne.

Tyne stood in front of Noah as he bounced and laughed at him, exclaiming "Noo Noo looks like a kangaroo!" - Noah noticed Tyne watching him and he started LAUGHING so hard!

The pair of them were there, facing each other, gazing at each other and each laughing whole heartedly at the other...it was the cutest thing.

Noah spent the rest of his time in the jumperoo laughing at everything Tyne did and said, Jon & I couldn't take our eyes off them as they interacted and we both commented that its pretty obvious that Noah is going to be Tyne's number 1 fan! He thinks his brother is the funniest thing in the world and I can just imagine him in my mind as a teenager sitting in the pub laughing hysterically at Tyne's jokes...ok my mind wanders but I can just see their relationship forming already.

Tyne is also so very keen to help Noah learn to do things and impart knowledge onto him - he wanted to show him all of the colours on his jumperoo, he's always asking Noah to "clap your hands like this"...he's determined to help him to learn.

He tells me every day that "Noo Noo is getting a big boy now!" and I can see how excited he is for him so that they can play together properly.

Speaking of the nickname "Noo Noo"...I am actually quite convinced that Tyne has forgotten Noah's actual name as he never ever uses it...always referring to him as "Noo Noo" instead! I don't think Noah will ever shake off that nickname!

Another thing Tyne has started to do is to emulate the way we speak to Noah, he often raises his voice a few octaves and squeaks "Where are those smiles?! Give me those smiles!" just as we would do...adorable!

He wants to be involved in every aspect of Noah's day - always asking to help feed him his bottle, he insisted on giving him his first ever spoonful of food when we started weaning too! - of course he's never quite so keen to help out with the nappies! ;)

I can't wait to see how their relationship has grown next month, I could literally spend all day just watching them!

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