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Toddler Watch: Tyne at 2.5 years old!

Dear Tyne,

6 months have passed since your last update at 2 years old and you are now 2 and a half! 

I know I sound like a broken record but I can't believe how quickly the time has flown past.

I never would have thought back when I was pregnant with you and I found out at that 16 week scan that you were infact a little boy that 2 and a half years down the line you'd be my best little friend, my little shadow who follows me everywhere and always wants to be on my knee or cuddling or playing with me, my little mini-me who I recognise so much of myself in. 

It really makes me want to kick myself for being daft enough to buy into the stereotypes and think a boy could never be as close to me as a girl - how ridiculous was I!

You're such a character Tyne...so full of energy, life, humour and quirks - so intelligent already, and I can already see that your a very deep thinker just like I am which makes me worry that you'll also be a worrier like me too. But you've already noticed how much I worry about everything, and have taken to smiling at me and saying "You're silly Mummy" everytime I start to show worry about anything...and you're right, I am silly and I hope your recognition of that means you escape from being the same way.

You're very inquisitive, you ask questions about everything and really want to understand what everything is and how everything works.

You have an amazing memory, you can recall small parts of conversations we had 3 weeks ago with perfect clarity that even I struggle to remember correctly!

Your imagination is something I just love to watch grow and develop, you play so well with your toys - you love your figures and small world toys at the moment, you put on voices for all the different figures and make them interact with each other having full blown conversations and dramatic little scenes...it's very sweet to watch although you tend to get a bit shy if you notice anyone is watching you play!

Eating & Sleeping

You still eat very well, there are hardly ever any complaints about whats on your plate and still the only thing that you'll refuse is cucumber and lettuce - you'll eat anything else at all! Broccoli is your favourite though!

You still struggle a bit with bedtime, and are back in the habit of always wanting to be in our bed at night time - once you're in you sleep really well, but you just never want to be in your own bedroom at them moment - lets see if that changes before your 3 year update! As much as I love the snuggles, it does feel like a bit of a waste of your lovely bedroom!

Social Interaction

You're starting to interact more with other children now, you ask me how to talk to them and have started to show an interest in making friends - recently on holiday you decided you'd like to play with a little girl in the soft play area. You came to me and asked me "Mummy I like that little girl"...I suggested you go and ask her name and if she'd like to play with you, so off you went...as confident as anything!

 I couldn't hear your conversation with her but as you poked your head around the play cottage door and started chatting to her, and she smiled at you I knew you'd done something right...you played with her for a good 20 minutes after that, and declared her your "friend" although you didn't seem to know her name when I asked!

You made quite a few little friends on holiday, and even when we go to the Drs surgery now if theres a child there your age you always end up playing with them and chatting to them.

You like to ask other children "Can I play?", which is very sweet but often children will say "no" and you walk away looking sad...this makes me worry that you're going to be very delicate - I'm trying to think of how to encourage you to stay soft and sweet without being a pushover to other people! Quite a difficult balance to find, I think.

You're getting so much better now at sharing your toys, and today when your cousin Kier came to play there were hardly any fights over toys and you shared really nicely and played so well together. Kier will turn 2 this week so I hope now that you're both a little older you'll start to become real friends.

As for your likes, you still are probably the worlds biggest Thomas The Tank Engine anorak and that's your main love but lately you also love Scooby Doo, Tom & Jerry, anything about space, anything to do with cars, arcade rides, the beach, and you've been loving some of Mummys old TV favourites on YouTube...especially Trap Door and Dinosaurs, you think Baby Sinclair is hilarious!

You love playing with Peppa Pig and Happyland toys, and of course your trains and train sets are your favourite toys - you also absolutely love colouring in, reading stories and playing with play-doh.

You're a big brother now and such a wonderful one too - you adore Noah and are so helpful with him. You always help Mummy by fetching his wipes or teething gel when I ask, or putting things away for me - you're such a good little boy!

You're a real little performer and you absolutely LOVE to sing and act out nursery rhymes, your favourite being Humpty Dumpty - you love to find a make shift wall, and pretend to fall off it - you then ask me to be "all the kings horses" and put you together again!
You also love to find a pretend microphone and do what you call "The boys and girls show" where you chat away on the microphone, sing songs and invite the imaginary "children" on stage to meet "Mickey Mouse!" - such an imagination!

What We've Been Doing

Since you turned 2, life has been busy!

*You became a big brother a week after your second birthday

*We had a lovely visit to the North East where you met your Daddy's side of the family at last!

*We went back to Cornwall to stay in two lovely hotels, our first holiday as a family of four!

*We went to Liverpool to stay with Nanny & Gagand for a week and celebrate Noah's Christening

*We had a lovely little trip to Blackpool which you really enjoyed...especially when you met the minions!

*We've just come back from a lovely Butlins holiday on a Just for Tots break which you absolutely loved!

Well that's pretty much everything for this update, I can't believe that the next time I write one of these updates you will be 3 years old! Time is flying by much too fast!

You make me so very proud every single day, my lovely little Tyney Tot.

Lots of Love,


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  1. Tyne is such a little doll Hayley! I love his hair :) It's great that you've gone on so many family trips lately, he's a very lucky little boy x

  2. I still can't believe that Tyny Tyne is 2 and a half, how an earth has he got there x

  3. What a goregous boy. Mine is a little younger (2 and 3 months old) but he also loves his cuddles. Wish he was getting as good as Tyne at sharing though as we have no progress in that area.

  4. Aah I love reading these posts and hearing about how he's getting on. It's amazing that he loves broccoli so much! But how are our boys 2 and half now? It's crazy isn't it?! :) xx

  5. This is a really lovely record of your little boy. I can imagine this will be lovely to look back on as he grows and changes. Lovely post and super cute pictures. Anna

  6. Tyne is gorgeous, it sounds like he's been busy in the last 6 months. Being a big brother, making friends and going on so many trips. He has a better social life than I! :P XX

  7. Aw Tyne is really coming on bless him. My little boy is 3 months younger and starting to show signs of this so it's exciting to see what i have in store. I'm looking forward to more conversations. My little boy also likes to get into our bed at night. I'm not sure how to go about stopping it at the minute, for now I am happy to enjoy the cuddles but I know I will need to tackle it soon. It's lovely to read such a lovely post. Cute pictures as well.

  8. Wow, hasn't he been a busy little chap. He likes broccoli too, that is definitely a win in my book!

  9. Awwwww Tyne!!
    Such a little cutie pie <3
    He has been busy hasn't he.
    Can't wait to continue watching you grow :D
    Thanks for sharing hun
    Charlotte x

  10. Wow he has such a busy life. Great photos. Matthew would love to have a photo taken with the Minions. He's obsessed with them. Just like Tyne Matthew is big into Thomas. I think every little boy is I've started collecting the die cast ones and very small mini trains. I must be mad.
    It's funny how different our children are. Matthew loves cucumber as a snack but doesn't like broccoli where as as baby he loved it. Maybe he had too much of it.

  11. Isn't it incredible how quickly time passes it seems like yesterday that I was a teenager! Tyne is such a beautiful little boy and what a fantastic journey you two have shared.

  12. What a gorgeous little boy, and well done Tyne on the broccoli, I cant get my two to eat it at all, and don't worry about the cucumber, its not that nice anyway

  13. aw he is growing up so fast, what a blondie! i have a girl but i always thought if i had a boy he would be much more affectionate. my little girl is not very cuddly but we are trying to teach her!

  14. Aw what a lovely post, he is looking so grown up lately! My little girl is a few months younger then Tyne and I am starting to notice such a change in her too , it seems like one moment she was a baby and the next an actual little girl. He is such a cute little thing and he sounds like he has such an amazing little personality xx

  15. Ah lovely post, it's made of stop and think tat although today was one of those tryin days wit my two, the good Mays out way the bad. I love your pics. my boy has just learned humtey dumptey it so cute they cooked eggs in school today and dropped them to show how they crack to cute

  16. He sounds like such a lovely little boy, my son is a mummy's boy too, you can't beat mummy-son cuddles! He sounds like he has an amazing imagination and so much fun to be around.

  17. He looks so sweet! It's lovely that you've been on so many trips together too :) x

  18. Such lovely photos - Tyne is adorable. Sounds like you've had a busy few months. So lovely to document it all and have it to look back on.


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