Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Updating the Dad Uniform!

I hear a lot of talk about the standard Mum Uniform and I am definitely guilty of being way too fond of leggings, boots and a nice snuggly jumper on a cold Autumn day! But recently I've noticed that my partner seems to have fallen into his own Dad Uniform style too.

Day in and day out, he'll wear the same old tired pair of jeans with rips in the knees (And yes, day in day out...why do men seem to re-wear clothes so often before washing!?), a standard checked shirt and the same old pair of trainers.

Hardly inspiring!

I've been taking a look at ways to add a bit of variety into the Dad uniform, and I've come up with a new look for my partner and the many Dads like him stuck in a clothes rut!


Adding a splash of colour can go a long way to updating a wardrobe, and one of this seasons biggest colour trends is mustard or burned yellow - a chunky knit in this colour would really bring the Dad uniform up to date!

Jeans are a staple and there's nothing wrong with sticking to an old favourite, but maybe its time for a new pair?! This M and M Direct pair from Levi are an absolute steal at £37.99 - less than half their RRP! Surely worth investing in to smarten up the every day look!

Adding a snood or a chunky scarf with a great pattern keeps it fresh and funky, and I personally think there's nothing sexier than a smart looking man-bag to really keep an outfit sharp!

I think i'll be surprising Jon with this little ensemble soon, hopefully he'll do the same for me and come up with something inspiring to banish the dreaded leggings from my wardrobe this Autumn?!

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