Friday, 30 October 2015

A New Wave of Unique Wedding Venues

Every bride wants her wedding to be special and memorable for herself, her husband-to-be and all of her guests. But nowadays it seems like everyone wants their big day to differentiate itself from the big days of their friends and families. Theme weddings, destination weddings, and crazy dance numbers are all things couples have tried to make their day unique. The wedding venue is a part of that as well. Gone are the days when everyone held their receptions at a hall or hotel banquet room. Here are some cool and unique wedding venues you might like to consider to help make your day one of a kind:

Up in the air

Hope you’re not afraid of heights, as it is now possible to get married in a hot-air balloon! Some of these balloons hold up to 12 people, so your guests and wedding parties can float up with you while you say your vows. For some, that might be pretty frightening, but it certainly would be unforgettable!

In a cave

Instead of going up, how about heading down? Getting married in a cave would have people talking about your wedding for years to come. There’s a Bridal Cave in the United States where 2,500 people have exchanged their vows which is a testament to just how popular cave weddings have become. 

On a farm

If you’re looking for something classy with just a hint of rustic appeal, how about getting hitched in a barn? At a place like Heaton House, the barn wedding venue in Cheshire, you can enjoy just that. A spacious venue like a farm can offer all sorts of options and amenities for guests and the fact that your wedding will feature gorgeous natural scenery will be a huge added bonus of course. 

On a sports pitch

Were you a whizzat sports in your younger years? Perhaps your husband-to-be is a footie fanatic? If so, you can always get married on your favourite track, pitch, or court. Say your vows at centre field, and even have your guests sit in the stands. It’s a fun way to honour a sport you love while honouring the person you love as well. 

At a castle

So, you never met Prince Charming but found love with Mr Charming?That doesn’t mean you can’t have the wedding of a princess, though. There are countless castles that offer wedding packages and many offer classy décor, classic architecture, and wonderful views. The lighting and atmosphere at these venues will offer a sense of romance and intrigue to the proceedings. 

At a winery

Wedding guests generally love wine, so why not bring them right to the source? Wineries can offer a classic venue with modern twists. Most wineries will also often provide free wine tasting for guests and offer brides and grooms the opportunity to purchase some top class wines at discounted prices. 
Do you want to make your big day one that your guests will never forget? You’ve got the perfect partner, and you’ve picked out the perfect dress so make sure you have the perfect venue to make your wedding day a memorable one. After all, you do deserve a fairy tale ending!

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