Sunday, 11 October 2015

Asda Little Angels Bathtime Range

We love to try out new baby bath time products, so we delighted to recently be given the chance to sample some of Little Angels range from Asda.

Over 100 of the Little Angels range has now been tested and given the stamp of approval by Mumsnet users - and who's opinion is better to trust than other mums?!
Justine Roberts, Founder & Chief Executive at Mumsnet comments: “Mumsnet users have really put the Little Angels range through its paces, testing the products in busy, real-life family homes up and down the UK. Our users value each other's recommendations highly and place a lot of trust in them, so we're pleased to have the opportunity to extend this special mark of approval to some products in the Little Angels range, and hope that the wisdom of the Mumsnet crowd will benefit other parents”

So what did Noah & I make of the range?

I'm pleased to report that we are big fans! I can't say I`ve ever used any products from the range before so I can't comment on the previous quality, but I love the new designs and the quality of the products.

My favourite has to be the liquid talc, which is something I haven't come across before and has made Noah's skin look, feel and smell amazing after bathtime!

The moisture rich baby bath is really lovely and smells fantastic, and the conditioning shampoo has been just lovely to use on Noah's hair - no tears at all!

You can pick up these and many other items from the Little Angels range from any Asda branch.

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