Sunday, 18 October 2015

Baby Brain Strikes!

Baby brain strikes us all from time to time, and I have to say that third time it's been hitting even more so than usual!

Perhaps its having two other children to worry about which has left my poor baby addled brain a little frazzled, but I find myself making the silliest mistakes on regular occasions these days!

Some of the mistakes I've made recently include:

*Heading out for a lovely shopping to TK Maxx...and not noticing until I was back in the car after browsing the store for over an hour, that I was still wearing my slippers!! Oops!

*Turning up on not only the wrong time and day for a pre-natal appointment, but the wrong month entirely!

*And speaking of calendar mistakes, on our recent trip to Alton Towers we discovered upon arrival to the hotel that we were in fact a whole MONTH too early...our reservations had been made for the following month!

I have also forgotten my own name on a fair few occasions, put my phone in the fridge instead of the milk bottle in my hand and numerous other silly mistakes! I dare say that poor Noah has almost ended up with a bottle full of instant coffee instead of formula on a few occasions too!

My biggest recent baby brain incident was misplacing the keys to our home computer desk - that was a pretty big one and to this day I'm still unable to find them...they'll probably eventually turn up in my knicker drawer or some equally unlikely place!

Thankfully Fast Keys were able to help us out in a quick and efficient manner with a replacement set which didn't cost the earth...if only ALL the baby brain dilemnas were that easy to solve!
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