Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Christmas Nail Ideas!

With Christmas just a mere 9 weeks away (Eeek!) my mind has been turning more and more to all things festive, and now that I have my Halloween outfit all planned out I've started to think more about what I'll wear for Christmas!

Of course I'm going to be 7 months pregnant this Christmas so the wardrobe itself will probably not be too exciting, but I can still have fun with the nails!

I quite fancy the idea of having a pre-Christmas pamper session and booking myself in to have my hair and nails done somewhere posh on Christmas eve...although with all the running around to do, who knows if that's actually going to be a feasible idea! Perhaps I'd be better off ordering some beauty supplies online instead and having my own pamper night once all the jobs are done!

Tonight I've been searching Pinterest for some nail-spiration and I thought share some of my favourites!

How absolutely awesome are the glitter bauble nails?! I am definitely going to have a go at these but I`m not holding out much hope that they'll turn out this good!

These are much simple but still so pretty and effective!!

I absolutely love this idea, the fairisle pattern would work for the whole of winter rather than just for Christmas and the mix of colours is just perfect!!

These just SCREAM Christmas Day nails to me, and I cant wait to give them a try myself - the snow dipped tips look simple enough but I`m not too sure how I`ll get on with the snowflakes yet!

And finally this simple idea is so festive and super pretty, and actually looks like something I might just be able to manage!!

Will you be giving any festive nails a go this year?! 

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