Thursday, 1 October 2015

Create your own super hero with DC kids!

Who doesn't love a superhero?! The SuperFriends are the worlds greatest...and now kids can create their very own!

You can customise every aspect of their look, choose their name, their super power and their speciality - I had a go myself (Obviously! I won't recommend without testing...I definitely didn't spent over an hour playing on the site, honest!) and I can guarantee that kids will love it - it's bound to keep them entertained! You can have a try yourself over on the dckids website! 

Here's the super hero I created - I named her Ice Cloud and her special super power is invisibility - oh how I'd love to be invisible for the day. I'd love to be able to spy on people of course, listen in on private conversations and so on - but mostly I'd just like to be able to sit there and enjoy a warm cup of coffee while the kids ran around trying to find me...ahh any thing for five minutes peace and quiet, right?!

There are also some great videos from Warner Bros including favourites such as Scooby Doo  and Batman Unlimited with many more updates to come, you can watch them on the DCKids Channel and the WBKids Channel

There's also a giveaway to win a gift set from Warner Bros which you can enter below!

(Please note that this giveaway is not hosted exclusively by myself and is also being entered on other blogs and websites, the winner will not be chosen or contacted by myself)

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