Thursday, 1 October 2015

Kids Birthday Parties - How Much Is Too Much?

We've all seen the shows on TV - My Super Sweet 16, Extreme Kids Parties and so on - but just how accurate a portrayal of the average UK childs birthday celebrations are they?

To me, a birthday is certainly a cause for celebration and - as with EVERY event on the calendar - I don't like to let them pass without celebrating them!

I have discussed before how I think these moments of life are the ones that make memories, that these occasions are what make the days stand apart from each other and that I could never be a person who lets occasions slide without throwing myself head first into them and enjoying them for everything they're worth - that's just who I am and I am so pleased to be encouraging my kids to be the kind of people I love, the ones who look forward to the holidays and events of the year and go all out to celebrate and enjoy them!

And to me, birthdays are no different, infact they're even more special - they're one day of the year to celebrate YOU - there's only one of every person and when they're as special to me as my own child why wouldn't I want to celebrate the day they came into existence?

I hear a lot of people rip to shreds those who spends thousands upon thousands of pounds on party celebrations, but to me it's each to their own - assuming that these people can afford to spend their money that way, than what's the problem? It's their right to spend their money how they wish to, after all and if they're enjoying themselves - great! None of my business at all!

For Tyne's 1st birthday we had a tea party at home, I made his birthday cake myself, and we played party games and had a visit from Peppa Pig (we own the mascot ourselves) - so the cost was definitely quite low, certainly under the £100 mark.

For his 2nd birthday, we had his first proper party with friends and hired out a soft play centre local to us - ok it cost a lot more, but for the convenience of not having to set it up or tidy away the mess, or cater the food - it was worth every penny! We also bought his cake that year, one that we had designed ourselves - again it cost more (although probably not much more, as I found out the previous year - making your own can be very expensive too!) but it's something that Tyne still talks about with excitement, so it was worth every penny!

The below infographic shows the average amount families spend on kids birthday parties across the UK, I was actually surprised to see it so low as to hire any venue with catering or a party entertainer would cost more.

What are your thoughts on birthday celebrations? Each to their own or should everybody make do with jelly and ice cream at home? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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