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Kids Halloween Basket & Spooky Reads!

Halloween Basket
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Every year for Hallowe'en, I like to put together a basket full of themed treats for Tyne to help get him excited about the event and just for something fun to do!
I really enjoy putting his basket of Hallowe'en treats together, and as the basket usually contains mostly books I look forward to us reading them and enjoying them together.

In previous years, I've bought Tyne some real modern kids classics for his Hallowe'en basket including Funnybones, some Meg & Mog stories and Curious George's Halloween - they are still among his favourite books and he reads them all the time, Hallowe'en or not!

I have so much choosing what to put into the basket each's what we've got this for year:

Halloween Basket

To start with I try to include a few non-book items to just for a bit of variety - this year we have a Casper The Friendly Ghost dvd (£1.76, Amazon)  which we'll enjoy watching together, a light up laughing Pumpkin wand (99p, Home Bargains), and a couple of chocolate spiders!!

But on to the good part...what about the spooky books?!

Kids Halloween Books

First up we have Mr Tickle & The Scary Halloween (£2.99, Amazon) from the infamous Mr Men collection - this is very cute as its a Glow In The Dark book, and lately Tyne has really been loving the Mr Men series so I know he'll be excited to see this!

I also picked up Pumpkins Pumpkins Everywhere (£4.55, Amazon)  - I've seen a lot of bloggers review this book lately through the Parragon Book Buddies scheme and it seemed like one Tyne would really enjoy, 

Kids Halloween Books

The book is perhaps a little more basic than I thought, there's not much of a story to it, but it's a nice
quick and easy read...I'm sure Tyne will like it!

Kids Halloween Books

Next up we have Halloween Hide & Seek, and The Night Before Halloween.

Halloween Hide and Seek (£7.21, Amazon)  isn't actually a story but an activity book - each page has a list of hidden objects and you need to find them using the very cool flashlight attachment!

Kids Halloween Books

As for The Night Before Halloween (£2.62, Amazon), I think this one is my favourite find - it's done to the theme of 'Twas The Night Before Christmas but with a spooky Halloween twist instead...very clever and a really lovely, flowing read which I just know Tyne will really love!

Kids Halloween Books

Next up we have the Spooky Sticker Activity Fun Book (59p, Home Bargains) ...Tyne absolutely adores stickers at the moment so I know he'll love this. Some of the activities are way beyond his years but he'll have fun just sticking and colouring in the pictures, and it was a bargain at just 59p from Home Bargains anyway!

Kids Halloween Books

And finally we have Ten Timid Ghosts (£2.63, Amazon) , which is a lovely rhyme with some really good spooky illustrations which will have Tyne very excited no doubt!

Kids Halloween Books

I really can't wait to see Tyne's reaction to these books and get started with reading them all!

Of course Noah is a little bit young for Halloween treats yet, but I didn't want to leave him out completely so I bought him a lift the flap board book!

Kids Halloween Books

Where Is Baby's Pumpkin (£5.22, Amazon) is SO cute - baby goes off in search of her glittery pumpkin and of course behind every lift-the-flap object lies a spooky but cute surprise instead!

Kids Halloween Books

 So there we have our Halloween basket treats for this year!

Do you like to do any Halloween or Autumn themed reading or activities with the kids? As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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