Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Me & Mine October...We have some news!

Pregnancy Announcement

We're doing our Me & Mine a little early for October, as we're heading away for the week for Halloween....and because we had some news we couldn't keep under our hats any longer.

I wonder if anybody spotted anything in our September Me & Mine photos that may have given any clues?!

Any ideas?!

Autumn Pregnancy Announcement

Yes...that's right!!! We are expecting baby number 3!

And that's not the only bit of news either.....

Halloween Pregnancy Announcement

Yes I, the woman who can never keep anything quiet, who announced my first pregnancy at 6 weeks and my second at 8 weeks...have managed to keep this quiet until 21 weeks along!!!

I had originally intended to hold the secret for a little longer but it's getting very difficult to keep out of photos now, and I'm tired of not talking about it,'s time to announce!

Besides...a Hallowe'en themed announcement seemed appropriate coz lets face it...I'm going to have 3 children under 3 and what could be scarier than that?!?! ;)

I'll be back soon with an update on how this VERY SURPRISING pregnancy came about (Well you know, how we found out, how we felt, etc!), how things have been since (It's been very complicated!) and news on the sex of the baby....but until then I just wanted to finally share our surprising but exciting news!

3rd Pregnancy Announcement

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