Sunday, 4 October 2015

My Psychic Reading Experience

I was recently offered the chance to have a psychic reading with one of the UK's leading psychic mediums, Emma Kinsey.

Those who know me well will know that spiritualism is a big part of my life, and I believe very much in mediumship having had experiences of my own and having read the tarot and used crystals since a young age. 

This is something I choose not to discuss all too often, as my own family are either not believers or find the whole idea quite frightening, and so it was never something that was encouraged in me but something I simply found by myself and had a deep interest in.

I currently attend a weekly open circle for developing as a medium, and have given readings myself over the years - and so it's fair to say that I have a very open mind to the whole thing.

I understand completely that many people either do not believe in this "sort of thing", or find it spooky or frightening in some way - I respect everybody's right to their own opinion on the matter, but I also ask that my own opinion is respected in turn - therefore if this is something you have no interest in or don't believe in whatsoever, feel free to skip the post!

Back to the reading - I was offered the chance to have a reading by Skype or Phone, but as my toddler has recently completely broken my Skype app it had to be over the phone - I would have preferred Skype as I would have liked to have seen Emma during the reading, and I have always had trouble understand how a phone reading would work having worked myself on a psychic hotline briefly and quitting because I found myself completely unable to get any link with the person that way.

Emma didn't seem to struggle with that at all and flew straight into the reading as soon as the call started. She didn't ask me for any information about myself, and I was careful not to give anything away.

Almost immediately, Emma informed me that the she had the spirit of a gentleman with her who she believed to my grandfather on my Dad's side.

She gave me information on how he passed over and illnesses that he suffered with, informed me of some relevant months for birthdays and passings, and passed on numerous messages from him to me.

These included messages giving the name of one of his sons and something he has been going through recently, various messages about my own life, messages about my children and my personal situation,  and other bits & pieces.

There were a few things that really struck me about the messages she passed on from him... She told me that I was a very imaginative and creative writer, and that whenever I had an idea in my head it was from him, and that he was presenting her with the image of an old fashioned quill pen - this struck a chord with me as my grandfather was also a writer.

She told me that he was telling her he hadn't been around to see me grow up, but that he's always been with me - again this was particularly poignant as my Grandfather died when my own father was only 15 years old, a good long while before I was even born.

She also said that he was showing a black and white photo of himself - this may seem like something that would be relevant to any older person, but it had particular meaning to me as the only image I have of him is the one old black & white photo I have seen of him which used to sit on my Nans dressing table - I've never seen any other image of him and its what I always picture when he's mentioned.

Now the cynical among you will have picked up on the fact that, as this was done as a blog review, Emma could very easily have found my blog before doing the reading and researched me well - I thought about that myself! A little cynicism is healthy of course!

But during the reading Emma mentioned that there was something which had been discussed between myself and my partner recently - something I haven't mentioned anywhere on here or to anybody, which she was absolutely spot on about.

There was also another thing discussed which is very relevant to my situation in life right now and my life over the coming year, which again has not been mentioned at all on this blog or anywhere else - and she knew all about it, discussed it with me at length in fact! (See...bloggers do keep SOME secrets for themselves! ;)

There were lots of predictions made for the coming months which I'll be very interested to see if they come true - apparently there's a house move on the cards which is something I'm not too keen on the idea of, but apparently it will come out of the blue and be a good thing! So I wait with baited breathe to find out if thats true!

She also said that I would start a second business in the future, which would somehow be linked into fashion and writing for magazines - wouldn't that be lovely!

She left me with a message from my Grandad that "Nothing is impossible" - and that's what I'll be taking with me from this reading, she closed by telling me that my Grandfather wanted to thank me for giving one of my sons his name...and indeed, Tyne's middle name is grandfathers first name.

I came away from the reading feeling calm and somewhat uplifted, said a silent thank you to my grandad, and went about my see? psychic readings really needn't be anything deep, dark and frightening - they can a lovely and uplifting experience, and they are something I would recommend that everybody try once - even the cynics among you! Don't knock it 'til you've tried it, right?! ;)

You can find out more about Emma's ability on her website - you can also book a private reading, skype or phone reading with her - readings are charged at £40.00

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