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Sex Reveal: Is Baby Number 3 A Boy Or Girl?!

gender reveal

After our post last week announcing our 3rd pregnancy, I've been inundated with people asking if we know the sex yet!

We're already 21 weeks along so we've already had the 20 week scan....

Of course finding out the sex of the baby is one of the most exciting times in a pregnancy - with Tyne & Noah I actually booked early gender scans privately as I was just so excited to find out that I couldn't wait until the 20 week mark!

So for those who have been asking...are we Team Blue Or Team Pink?!

gender reveal


Sorry to mislead you all with the title of the post, but we are actually TEAM YELLOW for the first time!

When we found out about our surprise 3rd baby, of course I was initially full of the usual excited ideas of booking early scans to determine the gender and get started with the all important SHOPPING - but something stopped me.

This pregnancy was a surprise in every way...wouldn't it be fun to leave it as a TOTAL surprise all the way through?!

The more we thought about it, the more we realised that there wasn't really any real need for us to find out the sex...We already have everything we need for the baby in gender neutral colours, we already have a gender neutral nursery the baby can use, we even already had a name picked out which just so happened to be a unisex one! (admittedly this name has seen come under debate and may be changed, but at the time it was just another reason not to find out!)

So the 16 week mark came and went with no private gender scan booked.

Then the 20 week scan rolled around and we had to make a final decison - were we going to find out or not?!

Even while I was laying on that table, I was having second thoughts and considering just asking the sonographer to tell us what we were having - but I didn't.

This is most likely going to be our last baby, and given that we have only just had a lovely baby last seemed like it would be nice to do something differently this time.

We've already had the experience of being told the sex at the scan, and as lovely as that is...once the moment is over, its over and the guessing game ends! Whereas if we choose to be surprised at the birth the guessing game continues throughout the pregnancy..

I love the thought of the Dr announcing "Its A....!" when the little guy or gal arrives into the world....

I love the thought of being the only two people who know what the baby is for a while after the delivery....

I love the thought of calling people to announce not only that the baby has arrived safely but also to tell them whether it's a boy or a girl!

And so, for all of those reasons, we are not going to be finding out the sex this time....and it just makes me SO EXCITED for February to hurry up and roll around so I can meet this little squish and find out once and for all what it is!

But I won't be a complete tease....I will let you know as much as I do on the matter!

According to the chinese gender prediction chart, it should be a boy (but Tyne should also be a girl!)

According to every other kind of Old Wives Tale prediction method, it should be a girl! (But are they ever right?!)

According to the skull theory, it should be a boy (But Noah should be a girl!)

According to "scientific research" (apparently!) you're more likely to have a 3rd baby of the same gender as the first two in situations were the first two children are the same it should be a boy! (But my sisters first two were girls, and her third was a boy!)

According to how different my pregnancy has been...No sickness compared to lots of it the last two times, no symptoms at all compared to lots the last two times, very late movement compared to early the last two times, carrying high and in front instead of low and in the back like the last two times... - it should be a girl. (But isn't every pregnancy different?!)

And....for the record.... if my intuition counts for anything...I am pretty convinced that it's a boy!

So we'll found out for definite in February...but for now, why not take a look at the scan photos and take your own guesses?!?

12 Week Scan

12 week scan

20 Week Scan

20 week scan

What do you think....Boy or Girl?

Did you find out the sex when you had a baby? Would you choose to do so? As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. How exciting! I think I'd love to do this if we ever have enough, With one of each already were prepared for either haha. I'm guessing girl as it looks more like my girls scan :) xx

  2. So exciting! Athena was a surprise and they let Sam look at her when they yanked her out to tell me what she was! Such a lovely moment, i'm envious!

  3. We didnt find out with Bethany :) xx

  4. You absolute bloody tease!! Now I need name guesses... x

  5. For me it would drive me insane not knowing what we're having if we were to have our 2nd baby. I'm a control freak when it comes to planning and I was the same with Joey. Maybe if I was on my 3rd I might just go with the flow if I already had everything from previous babies. It's going to be even more exciting around the time of your due date, people are going to be trying to predict the sex.

  6. Oh how lovely. I really liked not knowing the sex this time round, was such a wonderful surprise when Eliza was born. I think you are having a pink one this time :-)

  7. Ah how lovely it will be amazing when you finally found out if you have a boy or girl. I did not find out what Jacob was at my 20 week scan and we were going to keep it a surprise but I had to get scanned monthly due to bp and he had his legs wide open and it was obvious he was a boy at the 28 week one. If I ever had another I would love a surprise as my first was a surprise and I was amazing finding out when she was born. I am like your sister I had two girls and then a boy, all the old wives tales have been wrong with all three of mine xx

  8. Oh wow! This makes it even more exciting! What a lovely surprise it's going to be!

  9. We've always had surprises and been able to look for ourselves to see whether it is a boy or a girl. I can't imagine knowing in advance now. I think it may well be another boy though.

  10. Ah so exciting it's going to be an amazing surprise, I can't wait to know!
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  11. How lovely. Just had my 20wk scan today will announce later! Im guessing girl for you.

  12. Oh how exciting! Love surprises xx

  13. awww! we found out with both caleb and erin and ive said to chris if we do ever have a third i dont want to find out. how exciting!

  14. You tease! Aww I think its lovely you keeping it a surprise - s/he will be gorgeous and loved whatever they are. Congrats xoxo

  15. Yay for team yellow! I was starting to feel like the only person in the world choosing to be team yellow haha, its good to have a buddy ;)! I'm getting girl vibes from your scan photo and from how different this pregnancy seems to have been for you! x

    Abbie |

  16. So exciting! We didn't find out with Toby and Phil told me as he passed our brand new squidge to me "It's a Toby" which was amazing! This time I've been slightly tempted but we've decided not to find out in a few weeks time. Looking forward to keeping up with your updates xx

  17. So exciting! it will be SUCH a wonderful surprise for you! xx

  18. So exciting we didn't find out gender with Blake but I thought I was having a girl and the old wives tale predictions were girl but Chinese prediction was boy.

  19. Good for you Hayley! Waiting until the end of the pregnancy to find out will make it extra special. My hunch is that you're expecting a girl xx

  20. What a lovely idea to keep your surprise baby a surprise. I found out with both of mine and haven't regretted it. I was too impatient to wait. I think I'd be the same if we had a third (which I'm pretty sure is off the cards). Congratulations! X

  21. So in the end... Is it a boy or a girl?
    Just curious to know :D


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