Monday, 12 October 2015

Toddler-Made Halloween Treats!

Tyne & I love to do a bit of experimental cooking together, and we are both HUGE fans of Hallowe'en so it seemed only right to combine the two and have a go at making some spooooooky Hallowe'en themed snacks!

Now my original plan was to film our cooking adventures but I soon learned that a 2 year old armed with melted chocolate and a video camera do NOT mix, so that idea was quickly abandoned - but I thought the creations we came up with were rather cute and I was quite proud with how well Tyne did so I thought I'd share them in photo form anyway!

First up we set about making some Spooky Spider Cookies!

Halloween Baking

Now I'll be totally honest - we cheated 100% and used a packet cookie mix for this! Betty Crocker to the rescue! I'm sure it's nice & easy to whip up your own and there are squillions of fabulous cookie recipes which are just a Google search away, but forgive me - anything that makes cooking with kids quicker and less messy is a winner in my book and ripping open a pre-made packet mix instead of measuring out flour and sugar certainly made it lots easier!

Once our cookies were made and cooled, we melted some dark cooking chocolate and dipped some rolo chocolates into the mix - we then placed one rolo on each cookie, and used a knife to drizzle more of the melted chocolate around the rolo to look like spiders legs. Then we used red writing icing to make little eyes and mouths...which it turns out are barely visible but we had fun with that part anyway!

Next we decided we needed some ghosts, so after a bit of a chat we both suggested an idea each - Tyne suggested bananas and I thought strawberries would work well - so we tried both!

Halloween Baking

This time we melted some white cooking chocolate, and we dipped some banana halves and some strawberries with the tops cut off into the chocolate - we then put them in the freezer to set for around 20 minutes.

Once the chocolate was set, we got out our trusty writing icing and set about giving them eyes and mouths...then we scoffed the lot and I have to say, they were delicious!! Especially the strawberry ghosts!

We both had a lot of fun with our little Hallowe'en makes, and they were very tasty indeed. They are by no means Pinterest-worthy but they were very very fun indeed and I think my little 2 year old "star baker" did a grand job!

What are your favourite themed seasonal treats to make with your little ones? As always, I'd love to hear  from you!

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