Thursday, 29 October 2015

Water Babies Launches Little Heroes Awards

Water Babies, the UK’s leading baby and toddler swim school, is launching a nationwide search to find Britain’s most inspiring young swimmers, as part of its Little Heroes Awards. Last year’s successful Little Heroes celebrated eight inspiring winners, including a nine year old who swam 22 miles to raise money for charity, and a two year old with a heart condition who learned to swim against the odds. This year Water Babies is hoping to uncover more unsung heroes with incredible accomplishments when it comes to water, be it swimming, surfing, diving or even sailing. After all, none of these water sports would be possible without being able to swim!

We are looking for amazing water-related stories, so we can crown worthy Water Babies Little Heroes winners. Perhaps you know a little one who saved themselves or another child who got into trouble in the water. Maybe your child can swim an impressive distance at a young age, or are they the youngest on their county squad? Have they raised loads of money for a charity in a sponsored water-sports event? Whatever your remarkable swimming or water-related story may be, we want to hear from you.

To nominate a child for a Little Heroes award, simply email your story to before 30th October. Winners will be announced in November and will receive a Little Heroes Award statuette and a fabulous prize bundle from MEGA Brands, one of the leading brands in construction toys.

Paul Thompson, co-founder of Water Babies, says:

 “We love hearing about all the spectacular swimmers out there and the inspiring tales they have to tell. The idea of the Little Heroes awards is to reward them and to raise awareness for the importance of children learning to swim at as early an age as possible. Our research showed that the average age children start swimming lessons is four years old and 40% of children haven’t had a lesson by the age of 12, when swimming lessons can actually can take place from birth. In fact, over the last few years a dozen of our pupils have actually saved themselves from drowning, some of whom were just two years old!”

Water Babies classes are available throughout the UK. To find your nearest class, visit To keep up to date on the latest baby swimming news, check out and
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