Friday, 30 October 2015

What Makes Me Feel Like A Million Dollars

Since becoming a mum, I think it's pretty fair to say that my ideas of what I enjoy doing in my spare time has changed a little.
If you'd asked me 10 years ago what makes me feel like a million dollars, I'd probably have given you a very different answer - being lavished with expensive gifts, spoiled with luxury holidays, spending days at top spas etc would all have made the cut I'm sure!
But these days I have much simpler indulgences which somehow end up feeling just as rewarding as if I'd actually hit the bigtime on free mobile slot sites!
Here are just a handful of things that make me feel like a million dollars during any given week:
*Finishing a hot cup of tea - especially during it's first bout of hotness, fresh from the kettle rather than on the second or third round in the microwave!
* A long hot shower with no interruptions - Usually these days its a choice between a quick shower, or compromising by taking a longer one but knowing its going to be interrupted by a child at some point!

*A visit to the hairdressers - forget indulgent spa days, just a visit to the hairdressers once every 6 months or so to have my highlights freshened up and my hair washed and dried within the same 12-hour period is quite the indulgent experience in itself these days! I step out of the salon feeling like the woman on those old Vidal Sassoon adverts!
*Pictures from the kids - it may sound corny but nothing makes me feel more special than when my little boy presents me with a picture he's drawn just for me!

What sort of things make you feel like a million dollars these days?
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  1. Oh yes pictures from the kids, best thing ever! And getting my hair refreshed! x

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