Monday, 19 October 2015

Winter Wonderland (Or how to Light up your Garden life)

With Winter approaching and the weather getting considerably chillier, it’s been too easy for me to let the garden slip.

Once October has passed  it can become something of a no go zone.

Last week as I sat at my desk typing away, I noticed that most of the flowers had gone. The leaves on the trees were starting to turn their golden browns, reds and ambers (which I must admit I do love), and the garden was suddenly looking well, less of the happy place it is in Spring and Summer.

I love our Garden. I enjoy the sitting in Sun and playing with the children. Watching Tyne play with his toys whilst Noah rocks gently in the shade is a little slice of heaven to me. I love the way Jon had planted the flowers and decorative palms and bushes during the Summer and how nice we had it looking but now with seasons changing, some of the sparkle had dulled and with the night’s drawing in it wasn’t quite as much fun for Tyne and Noah either.

All however is not lost. An idea struck me, and no not via Pinterest for once!

Why not have a Winter wonderland? Or at least light up the garden to make it seem a little more welcoming at this time of the year?

Bonfire night is fast approaching, and while we may not be having a Bonfire, why not brighten the garden with something light and sparkly?

Some rudimentary sketches, ideas and gratuitous use of Google later, and I came across a vast range of outdoor lighting. From Ground Lighting to budget wall lights, outdoor post lights to security lighting, the choice really is very impressive. I currently fancy some outdoor ground lighting for around our palm and in the beds, with some walkover lights for around the decking. Add some LED candle lights and suddenly the garden becomes a lot brighter and more colourful.

Let’s not forget Tyne however. I’m sure his sandpit and playhouse will become attractive activities once again once we’ve settled on how we want to illuminate them. Not only will it look prettier, but it will be a lot safer for him (and us) to play in! No more cries of ‘We have to go in now it’s getting dark’ followed by screams of how he ’Wants to live in his Playhouse’, and besides, sitting sipping hot chocolate with the family snuggled up in a beautifully lit garden watching the sea and stars really does seem just too wonderful an opportunity to pass up.

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