Monday, 23 November 2015

8 Photos Of Happiness

I was recently tagged to join in the 8 Photos Of Happiness tag...the idea is to share 8 of your favourite photos showing your happiest times!

Here are mine:

1. The first photo of Jon & I as a couple

This was taken on the night Jon & I first moved in together, and it was the first snap of us together as a couple. Whenever I think of happy photographs I always think of this one immediately, even though it's far from the best snap - it was taken on a rubbish camera in rubbish light and I had no make up on, we both look like scruff bags after moving all day but I don't care...I still love it!

2. Jon & I about to board the Independence Of The Seas cruise ship for our amazing cruise holiday!

I have wanted to go on the Indie ever since I can remember, and I have NEVER looked forward to anything as much as I looked forward to this holiday! I was SO EXCITED to get on that ship! I had my special sailing outfit which I'd planned for weeks with my nautical striped "Bon Voyage" dress and my little hat - I was giddy in this photo!

3. ALL of the photos from during that cruise!

Ok so it's cheating a little to do a collage but I really couldn't choose just one - every single photo from that 2 week cruise holiday is one of my favourites, it was by far the BEST holiday I've ever had and I don't think there's ever a week passes that I don't think about it and miss the ship - even four years later on! It was the time of both of our lives! (I also really miss how I looked pre-kids and pre-thyroid melt down too...sob!)

4. The first photo with Tyne

This was taken moments after Tyne's birth, whilst in the recovery room - I remember being just totally in shock that the c section was over and done with so quickly and easy! And being totally amazed at how teeny tiny he was.

5. Tyne's Christening Day

He was only 4 weeks old when we had him Christened and it was a lovely day, I loved the chance to show him off and of course the Christening ceremony was very special to us. I love this photo that my photographer cousin captured showing his little smile!

6. Tyne's First Birthday Cake Smash

Tyne's first birthday was such a fun day for all of us, I really loved celebrating it! We had a cake smash with him in the day at home,and had loads of fun getting photos of him attacking the massive cake - he loved it! Then we had a little tea party for him later on which was lots of fun too, it was such a happy day!

7. Tyne's first Christmas

I have loads of happy memories of Tyne's first Christmas - I remember people saying we were doing too much with him like taking him to see different Santas, buying him too many gifts considering he was only 9 months old, taking him to Christmas light switch ons and on Christmas train rides - but I'm so glad that we did all those because I have the amazing memories of how much fun we had together, and they are priceless! His first Christmas was one of my favourites ever!
 This photo was taken on the night we decorated the house, he was awe struck with the lights!

8.Noah's birth

This photo was snapped by one of the assistants in the operating room during my c-section, seconds after Noah was delivered - I absolutely love that she captured the first glance I got of my baby boy, such a special photograph for me!

There were so many photographs I'd have loved to include, such as Noah's Christening Day and our first photo together as a family of four, but the rules state only 8 photos so I'll have to leave it here!

It's been so lovely looking back over these photographs, if you haven't done this tag yet then I tag you to do it as it's a really lovely chance to reminisce!

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