Friday, 27 November 2015

A Day In Our Life with Huggies!

 I haven't done a day in the life post since Tyne was a baby, so I thought I'd do an updated one on how our average everyday looks with two kiddies - and as I'm currently a Huggies Wipes ambassador I thought it'd be interesting to see how many times throughout the day we rely on our Huggies wipes for various jobs!

I'm a big fan of Huggies wipes as they're made from naturally absorbent fibres and are kind to babies skin as they're alcohol, paraben and phenoxyethanol free.  They're perfect for use on newborns too so it's nice to know that once baby number 3 comes along I'll be able to use the same wipes for all three mucky monsters!

As they're so absorbent I find myself using them throughout the day for numerous tasks - as you'll see from today's post, they help out in a variety of situations from mopping up spills to cleaning toys!

Our day's typically start anywhere between 8-9am, this particular day was 8.30 - Noah is usually the first to wake up - he's in his own bedroom now so he tends to gurgle and coo to himself for a little while before he starts shouting for attention!
This usually wakes Tyne up too - he's never the first one awake!

We head downstairs and the first job is nappy changing! Noah sleeps right through from 7pm the night before, so his nappies are usually pretty heavy in the morning! He's just starting to get into the stage of wanting to wriggle away at change time, but luckily he is a bit obsessed with packets of Wipes so they do actually keep him entertained and laying still while we change him!

After changing time, it's time for breakfast - Noah always has baby porridge and a bottle of milk, whereas Tyne is much more difficult to please! Like me, he doesn't like eating in the mornings - he never wants cereal, toast, eggs etc - I usually give him whatever he asks for as at least he'll eat it and he has a snack a couple of hours later anyway, it's usually something like banana and yoghurt - on this particular day it was tangerine!

Once breakfast is done, the kids entertain themselves whilst I get on with some chores such as sterilising and making up Noah's bottles, doing the dishes and so on - Noah tends to play on his baby mat and Tyne tends to play with his toys and have a bit of Ipad time!

Then it's time to get dressed for the day, which usually involves a battle or two as they'd both rather stay in their pyjamas all day!

After they're dressed, we usually sit and play a game whilst Noah has an explore around in his walker - on this particular we played cars - I then left the room for two minutes during which time Tyne decided to draw all his over his trains with felt tip - another job for Huggies!

Then it's time for lunch - this obviously varies every day but on this particular day Tyne was being extra fussy and decided he ONLY wanted cheese on toast and bananas! Quite a random combination, but after trying to pursuade him to have something more substantial...I gave in!

Lunch was followed by a messy Barney cake, of course...

As for Noah, he had pureed carrots which make a lovely mess for our Huggies wipes to clear up!

That afternoon we had a few errands to run such as trips to the bank, a few bits to pick up at the supermarket, and a visit to the Dr for Noah's last set of immunisations - he was as good as gold and didn't even flinch when the Nurse gave him his two jabs, no tears just lots of smiles! He slept for an hour or so after we got home.

Then its time to get dinner ready, we were trying out Marley Spoon boxes this day and so we had one of the recipes in that for pan fried chicken breast with roasted veggies and potatoes - it was pretty delicious! Tyne ate every bit!

Which of course meant a fair bit of mess!

After dinner we have a bit of time snuggling on the sofa, reading stories and playing peek a boo which is one of Noah's current favourite things!

Then its time to get ready for bed - Noah absolutely can't face being awake past 7pm, so his bedtime is nice and easy every night - Tyne on the other hand hates bedtime and we end up battling with him from around 7.30 and eventually getting him to bed anywhere between 8.30-9!

Then it's off to the computer to do some work for me, and eventually I'll get chance to sit down, eat something and watch a quick TV show before bed!!!

What does an average day in your household look like? As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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