Tuesday, 24 November 2015

ByStroom Change Bag & Maternity Wear Review

When it comes to changing bags, I feel like pretty much an expert! I've had more than my fair share of them over the last two years.

It's fair to say that my tastes have changed dramatically since Tyne was born - back then I could think of nothing I wanted more than the good old Yummy Mummy bags with their pretty floral design, but nowadays that couldn't be further from my tastes - I think I started to change my mind when I noticed EVERYBODY was carrying those kinds of bags, at every soft play centre I went to and every kids party I attended all of the mum bags looked exactly the same and I hated that - I started to want something a bit less typical.

I started to want something that - although it would function as a change bag, give me plenty of room, and give me all the necessities such as bottle holders and wet bags - wouldn't actually scream "CHANGING BAG!" to look at. Something that would actually pass for just a normal handbag, that would go with my outfits, that wouldn't stand out quite so much.

It's surprising how hard those kinds of changing bags can be to come by, as surely I can't be the only mum out there who wants to carry a normal looking bag with no emblems, no mummy references and no flower prints?!

So when I was recently introduced to ByStroom's beautiful line of stylish change bags, I was delighted!

The choice is almost endless, they have so many different styles and colours available - all of them very on trend I might add!, but in the end I decided to try out the beautiful BEA bag.

The BEA bag is made from artificial leather so it's an option for all the animal lovers out there too which is great to see, it looks sleek and stylish with its braided handles and it's two outer zips, the inside lining is pretty without being fussy and it's available in TEN different colours.

I was so very tempted by the gorgeous burned yellow option, but in the end I decided to go for Camel as it would match more of my outfits.

The bag itself is HUGE - I'd been worrying about how I'd manage carrying about nappies and spare clothes for two babies at once, but once I saw the size of this bag my concerns were put right at ease - it's just enormous inside!

It comes with a bottle holder, a wet bag and a change sheet as you'd expect.

I'm going to be using this as one of my hospital bags when new baby arrives as it really is roomy enough to fit everything I need for a couple of days for baby - I'm just so impressed with it's size and stylish appearance. I'll be doing a further feature on this bag once its packed and ready for new baby in a few weeks time in a Whats In My Hospital Bag post! I'm excited to see how much I can fit in there!

The BEA bag is available HERE priced at £90.00

ByStroom don't just stop at changing bags either, they offer a whole line of gorgeous maternity and nursing clothing too.

I was sent a couple of items to try out myself and can really vouch for the comfort, and how well they wash.
Both items, although maternity and suitable to wear throughout pregnancy, also have ease of access for nursing making them ideal to wear once baby arrives too - I'll be relying on them for the first week or so after baby is here for sure!

To view the full ByStroom range, please visit www.bystroom.co.uk

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