Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Clarins Everlasting Foundation & The Essentials Eye Make Up Palette

I was recently given the chance to try the Clarins Everlasting Foundation (£27.50) which promises to maintain coverage evenly for 18 hours!

It contains bamboo powder which has a mattifying effect on the skin, while also minimising the appearances of dark spots and skin imperfections.

I found this to give fantastic even coverage, and I was very impressed with how long wearing it truly was - I wouldn't say it lasted quite the full 18 hours but then I probably put it to the test more than most as I spend my days with a toddler pawing at my skin and I have a tendency to touch my face a lot throughout the day meaning I rub my make up off a lot...but it lasted very well, in fact much better than my usual foundation and so I would not hesitate to switch permanently to this foundation in future.

A little goes a long way and provides great coverage, so the bottle would last for quite a while...I found the foundation to be impressively light on the skin too, which is a welcome change for a foundation providing such good coverage.

I was also given the chance to try the beautiful new Essentials Eye Make Up Palette (£35.00).

The palette contains 10 beautiful mineral powder eyeshadow shades including matte and satin finishes, perfect for creating a day or night look!

The shadows contain natural ingredients including musk rose oil and white meadow foam, and are opthamologist and dermatologist tested so suitable for even the most sensitive of eyes,

I personally love the inclusion of a shade guide suggesting the perfect areas to use each shade for the perfect finish, as somebody who sometimes struggle with knowing which shades to combine for the best look this has been very helpful!

The palette itself is stunningly packaged, as you'd expect from a Clarins product, and so would make an ideal Christms gift.

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