Thursday, 26 November 2015

Dining With Furniture Village Competition

I've spent a fun evening tonight planning out my Dream Dinner Party over on Pinterest (take a look at my board above!) and I have to say, I've got myself SO carried away in the process that I'm feeling pretty sad right now that this dinner party won't actually be taking place because I think it's pretty epic!

Why am I spending my evening planning out a fantasy dinner party, I hear you ask!

Well! As I recently discussed on my blog we've recently converted our dining room into a play room for Tyne (and Noah when he's older) but, already, I'm missing having a dining space! 

Our dining table is one we've had for years, pre-children it was great and we quite often hosted dinner parties (Real ones, not fantasy ones!) so we needed a nice large table - but the problem is, it's now TOO large and take's up too much space, it's also made of glass which is far from ideal with little ones around - and so we need to update it! But, with Christmas around the corner, we can't really afford to right now.

So when I spotted an amazing competition to win a beautiful Emily dining table set and chairs from Furniture Village, I knew I had to take part!

All you need to do to enter is create a Pinterest board about your Dream Dinner Party - take a look at how to enter here!

So let me talk you through the choices I made!

I decided on a beautiful white compact dining table from Furniture Village for hosting my party, this is because it would be a great fit in my dining room and would perfectly match the theme I'd want which is a 1920s murder mystery theme!

I've also chosen some other bits from the website to add to the theme, and some placecards and a centrepiece to help set the feel too!

For food, I'd serve a delicious cheesy tear & share bread to start followed by a baked chicken alfredo ziti dish - something I found on Pinterest and am trying out this week actually, it looks delicious! - I'd follow it with these super cute and yummy looking heart shaped churros - I LOVE churros!

For drinks we'd have delicious pink prosecco cocktails served in gold glitter rimmed glasses for a bit of glamour!

As for my dream guests, I'd love to invite Marilyn Monroe - she's always been an idol of mine, I could spend all day admiring photographs of her - to me she was the epitome of beauty and timeless glamour and elegance! Her life was so tragic but so interesting, I always got the impression she was a very misunderstood person and I'd love the chance to speak to her and find out for myself just what she was really like.

I'd also love to invite Tom Hanks - he's always been my favourite act and last week I saw him interviewed on the Graham Norton show, he seemed like someone who would have a lot of fun stories to keep us all entertained and seemed humble - he could calm me down when I'm worrying about my cooking!

And finally, I'd invite Ant & Dec - who wouldn't want them at a dinner party?! I find them absolutely hilarious, they'd be the perfect dinner party guests - provided they didn't bring along any of the bushtucker of course!

What would your dream dinner party look like? Why not head over to Pinterest and create your own board, you never know - you might just bag yourself a new dining table!
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