Saturday, 28 November 2015

Dyson Humidifier Review

Recently we were sent a Dyson Humidifier to review, and as it was the first Dyson product I’ve ever used, I was very excited at the prospect of trying it! We’ve all heard of Dyson items, the quality of the products they produce. The reputation they have for innovation and design as well as reliability is known worldwide.

For those that have never used a humidifier or wonders what one does, here comes the science!

A humidifier is a device that increases air born humidity. Most domestic humidifiers work by adding humidity to the air in a single room. This is done via a very fine water mist blown via a fan or spray system the water being housed in a small tank normally on the base of a unit. Larger humidifiers such as those employed in places of work, offices etc., are linked to buildings heating and ventilation systems.

Most modern houses have central heating and energy efficient double glazing. These combined may be good for the purse and environment, but can lead to artificially dry air circulating throughout the house especially in Winter. This has been linked to dry skin, respiratory distress, and an increase in air born particulates to name but a few nasties.

 As you can guess this isn’t particularly good for anyone let alone small children or babies. 

Now we ourselves have central heating in every room and double glazing, not only that but I’ve recently had a breakout of pregnancy spots and dry skin. So with these factors combined and having a toddler and a small baby in the house we were very keen to try out the Dyson Humidifier.

After reading about the health benefits I couldn’t wait to get the Dyson Humidifier assembled and running. We read the instructions, assembled and filled it with water - it couldn’t have been simpler. It literally took Jon 5 minutes from opening the box to having the device running.

Ok so it may sound vain but one of the first things that struck me was the sleek modern design. What can I say, but well done Dyson!  The humidifier itself looks very stylish whilst remaining unobtrusive, and is light enough to transport from room to room very easily.

 The humidifier itself is acoustically engineered to be quiet, and is the world’s first to be awarded the Quiet Mark by the Noise Abatement Society. With this in mind we knew that there would be no loud buzzing or obtrusive noises to disturb our babies sleep.

I also love that its remote controlled, so if you want to turn it off or on during the night you don't even have to get out of bed!

Other features include:

·         A built in sleep timer and up to 18 hours of constant use.
·         No blades like a conventional fan so safer, especially when there are small curious fingers around!
·         Its remote controlled, with up to 10 air flow settings to allow you to choose the right balance for yourself.
·         The ability to deliver the right level of humidity in Winter as well as cool air in the Summer time.
·         Accredited by the Airmid Health Group, the British Skin Foundation and the Skin Health Alliance.
·         Ultra Violet Cleanse technology-This means that every drop of water is exposed an Ultra Violet light housed in the Humidifier killing 99.9% of bacteria within. The running cycle for the Dyson is only 3 minutes and again is so quiet you barely notice its running.
·         Delivers consistent evenly humidified air.

We use this in the master bedroom and a month on I can confirm that my skin has cleared up a great deal and Jon states he no longer has sore throats when he wakes up too which he puts down to this product!

To find out more please click HERE

This is one device that more than lives up to the reputation associated with Dyson products, for design, quality and dependability. I for one am now happy to say I am a Dyson convert!

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