Monday, 30 November 2015

KidzinMind App Review

I remember before having kids of my own, how much I would insist that I hated to see little children using Ipads and tablet devices - isn't it funny how quickly your mind can be changed on those sorts of things once you actually become a parent?!

Since introducing my 2 year old son to our Ipad I have honestly been absolutely flawed by just how much he has learned from it.

I guess I always kind of judged their use before, thinking they were just a way to keep children quiet and out of their parents hair with little other benefit to them, but I have honestly changed my mind 100% after witnessing first hand just how much children pick up from them.

I have never tried to teach my son letter and number recognition, anything more than 1-10 counting, the alphabet, or anything along those lines yet from watching educational rhymes and clips on YouTube and playing with an array of educational apps he has learned how to count to 20, the entire alphabet, all of his colours and most of his shapes, and he recognises letters and numbers well - he doesn't attend any play schools or nurseries, so there's nowhere else he could be learning these things from!

I also find it amazing just how well he knows his way around the Ipad - he's able to go in and out of apps of his own accord, adjust the volume settings, and basically finds his way around it like a pro - better than me infact! I think this is pretty important as technology and tablet devices are being used in schools more frequently all the time and I think it's important that children are comfortable with them and know how to use them.

Of course, a main concern when children use any kind of internet based device is ensuring their safety.

We've recently been trying out a new app called KidzInMind - designed to be a safe digital playground for the growing minds of little children aged 2-6 years old.

This is basically an "App of apps" - an app provides games, videos and other apps which has been specifically selected and approved against strict criteria to ensure its suitability - no inappropriate language, no advertising, no hidden payments and even a baby safe mode.

The parental control settings allows you to have the overall say on what your child is able to see and access, and you can set a time alert to limit how long your child is able to play with the app.

The app is available on both iOS and Android and is very easy to download and set up, we were up and running within moments.

The KidzInMind app has also received the kidSAFE Seal, Mom’s Choice Award and was nominated Best Mobile App for Children and Toddlers in 2014!

KidzInMind have consulted parents, paediatricians, nutrition and education experts to bring together a unique selection of over 40 of the best apps for children.
The KidzInMind app is subscription-based and after an initial free week it's priced at 79p per month for limited in-built apps and features.  You also have the option of paying £2.99  per month for unlimited access to the full app, video and game catalogue along with all the parental safety controls.
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