Sunday, 29 November 2015

New Year’s Eve: How to Keep Your Make-Up in Place Until Midnight

New Year’s Eve is the perfect excuse to get dolled up, splurge on a new outfit and get pampered. After all, the festive season will soon be over and you’ll be back in work before you know it. So, make the most of your big night and make sure you look your best as the clock strikes twelve with these top tips for makeup with staying power. 

 Carry Shine Blotting Pads 

 If you have greasy or oily skin then make sure to pop a pack of shine blotting pads in your going out bag this New Year’s Eve. When dabbed on your skin they will absorb the oil that your skin natural excretes, leaving your skin looking flawless and photo ready for the rest of the night. 

 Cut Up Your Fake Eyelashes

 Taking a pair of scissors to your fake eyelashes may not be the first thing you consider but cutting your eyelash strips into three or four pieces is essential for easy application. Never use a full strip! Smaller sections are more flexible and will move with your eye, meaning they’ll stay fixed in place for longer. And make sure to invest in a quality pair of fake eyelashes too. Cheap high-street or supermarket alternatives often come with glue that is a poor adhesive. You may save a few pounds but you’ll end up reapplying the glue and replacing them every few hours. Who has time for that?

 Prime Your Skin 

 Want flawless skin all night? Then make sure to apply a quality primer first. Primer will fill fine lines and wrinkles so when foundation is applied on top it will have a flawlessly smooth appearance. Primer will also help prevent streaks appearing in your foundation or concealer, stop you from looking too shiny and your makeup flaking in dry zones. 

 Pencil in Your Lips

 If you’d love a plump and kissable pout you could give yours a little boost with a lip enhancement treatment. Alternatively, why not steal a few tips from make-up’s new ‘it’ girl, Kylie Jenner, and over-line your lips with lip pencil?

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According to Harper’s Bazaar ‘lip liner is to lipstick what primer is to foundation […] it’s not crucial, but it does make your lipstick look better and last longer’. Lining the edge of your lips is always recommended to avoid your lipstick or gloss bleeding. But over-lining them in a shade and filling them in with a liner one step darker than your natural lip colour will also make them look larger, fuller and more defined. 

 Follow these four simple tips and you can rest assured you’ll be looking fabulous all night long this New Year’s Eve, whatever time you eventually end up hitting the hay. 

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