Friday, 13 November 2015

Noah at 7 Months + Our Thoughts On The Chicco Walker

7 month old baby

Another month gone, and now you are OVER half a year old Noah.

That seems absolutely insane!

It's strange to me, because on one hand I have my little baby boy getting bigger at seemingly lightning speed but I know that soon there'll be another much smaller baby on the scene too and I almost can't imagine how there'll be one around smaller than you, doing things you can't do's a very strange feeling, the thought of having two babies at once and of having a baby in my tummy and one in my arms!

I said at the end of last month's update that I wasn't ready for you to start sitting up and crawling yet - well I think I need to start preparing coz you really seem to be gearing up for it!

You've started sitting unaided, although you tend to topple over within about 5 minutes! And you're starting to move about a lot more during tummy time - you're still not a big fan of it and usually start whining quickly, but you're making all the right shuffling motions and trying to get up on your knees a lot so I don't think it will be too long - I am NOT READY!

7 month old baby

7 month old baby

You were sent a lovely Chicco Baby Walker to try out this week from fabulous baby website Baby Thingz - your older brother never really managed to move anywhere in his walker but you are zipping about all over the place in this one!

The walker was SO easy to put together, it clipped into place in less than 2 minutes and then you were in it and off - you love honking your horn on the little steering wheel, and you whizz about all over the living room!

The walker has been fab for you and you love being able to get about and keep up with your brother, you seem ever so comfortable in there!

The Chicco Band Baby Walker is available here priced at just £39.99

Nothing has changed with your food - you still have 6oz bottles every 4 hours or so, and you are now having a little breakfast, lunch and dinner in the form of a puree - you're still on Stage 1 foods and seem to hate any little bits/lumps or anything too thick - you start to gag and sometimes even bring it back up which is a little worrying, your brother was always a stage ahead when it came to weaning so taking it easy with you is very new to me!

You do love to grab the spoon and feed yourself, and you're a dab hand with feeding yourself a rusk too. 

You still have just the two bottom teeth, although you're teething furiously I don't see any signs of any others emerging just yet - but then the last two surprised us completely by just appearing together one day so who knows!

7 month old baby

You're still wearing your 6-9 month clothes, and are now in size 3 nappies.

You have the loveliest personality and are such a smiley, happy baby! You get peoples attention everywhere we go and you always have a smile and some Coo's for everybody...

Your favourite thing at the moment is to play "Row row row your boat" - as soon as I ask "Shall we row our boats?" you start to laugh and throw yourself backwards and forwards ready to start! You grin and laugh all throughout the rhyme, it's adorable!

In the last few days you have also started to love listening to stories - whenever I read to your brother, you turn your head to listen intently and don't even blink until the story is always smile at the end and I swear you know what I'm saying!! I've never known a baby so young love being read to so much, so I've started to read you a bedtime story every evening.

You go to bed at 7pm on the dot, and are more than ready for it and sleep through until 8 or 8.30 still - you don't do so great with daytime naps and usually just have 10-30 minutes here and there, but you do sleep very well in the car - in fact on our mammoth 10 hour journey back from Liverpool in heavy traffic you slept the entire way, only waking up for the occasional service station stops for some fresh air!

7 month old baby

This month also saw you celebrate your first Hallowe'en, we dressed you as Frankensteins monster for Trick or Treating and you seemed to have fun with all the other kids - you love being around them!

7 month old baby

7 month old baby

I'm so excited for your first Christmas next month - I think you're going to love your presents!

Lots of Love,

Mummy xxx

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