Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Our SMA Weaning Journey + Competition!

You may recall that last month I told you all about how we were starting Noah's weaning journey and were teaming up with SMA Nutrition for the journey?
Well today I'm here to report on how our first month has gone and how Noah has taken to weaning, and the recipes we've tried.
I'm really impressed with Noah's transition from milk to solids, it is a slightly slower process with Noah than it was with his brother who generally just seemed to be a hungrier baby and ready for solid foods earlier but that's ok - each child is individual and will develop at different rates, and Noah seems to be perfectly on track for his age.
We've chosen to follow the traditional spoon feeding weaning method with Noah, and he seems to have taken well to this - he does occasionally try to take the spoon from my hand and get it into his  mouth and I always let him have a go whenever he does as I think it's important to allow a degree of independence when it comes to feeding.
The recipe we tried was the Strawberry & Banana smoothie, as demonstrated here by Sheree Murphy:

The recipe really appealed to me as it was so very simple to follow, required minimal ingredients and the flavours were quite subtle so I knew it wouldn't be something that Noah would find too much so early on in his weaning journey - I have to admit that prior to collaborating with SMA I hadn't been aware that you can mix babies milk with foods to make up recipes and this has been quite a revelation to me, suddenly a lot of baby recipes make much more sense to me as I had wondered how to achieve them without using cows milk!
I found the smoothie recipe so easy to follow, and Noah seemed to really enjoy it - I filmed his first tastes so you can take a look at how he got on.

As you can see, the smoothie was a big hit and I will certainly be making it again - I think I'll also try adding some different fruits to change things up a bit.
You can find lots of information on weaning as well as recipe videos at the SMAmums.co.uk website
SMA have very kindly offered a fantastic prize to anybody currently embarking on their weaning journey - a £100 Fresh Food Voucher! Imagine how many delicious fruit smoothies you could make for baby with that!!
To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is show me an image or video clip of your child trying one of the recipes from the SMA website HERE or one of your own recipes.
You can email the photos/clips to me at Sparkles_Blog@hotmail.co.uk along with the Subject Line "SMA Weaners" or you can tag me in them on Twitter (@sparkles_blog) or on Instagram (@sparklesandstretchmarks)
Good Luck to all entrants!

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