Sunday, 15 November 2015

Siblings In November

cute brothers

Tyne & Noah - so different in looks, Tyne with his white blonde hair &  baby blue eyes and Noah with his gingery-brown hair & huge dark brown eyes - but so similar in so many other ways.

Tyne was always such a pleasant baby - always smiling, always happy, hardly ever fussed or even cried, always sociable - always wanted to be around people.

Noah is exactly the same way - people always remark on how happy and smiley he always is. It's rare he cries, and when he does its always with reason - teething pain or something along those lines, he just doesn't seem to have bad moods.

I don't know where they get this positive attitude from, it's certainly not from me as I am one of the world's moodiest and grumpiest people most of the time - I admit it! But thankfully it hasn't rubbed off on them at all....the pair of them are my little rays of sunshine.

Their relationship hasn't really altered much since last month, but I find myself wondering a lot how it will go when the new baby arrives - Noah is going to be the middle child - there is exactly 2 years between him & Tyne, and there'll be only 11 months between him and the next baby - and so I wonder, which one will he end up closest to? Will his bond with Tyne remain so tight as it seems to be now...even at 7 months you can see how much he loves his big brother, his face lights up when he comes near Noah - or will he end up closer to the one nearest to him in age?

I can't help but worry that in a family of 3, somebody might end up left out - but time will tell I suppose, and I hope that they'll be a tight knit little group along with baby brother or sister.


Right now, as Noah has started to sit up and play with toys more they are finally able to start playing together more and Tyne really loves having a little companion to show his toys too and try to teach about everything - he 's still trying to get to grips with the concept of sharing, he understands completely that Noah needs to share his toys but not so much that he also needs to share with Noah in's a tricky one that!

Tyne loves to snuggle his baby brother, tell him he's "sooooo cute" and say "I love you Noah" regularly throughout the day - and Noah laps up the attention!

I have them booked in for a Christmas photo shoot together at the end of the month and I'm so excited about it - to see how the photos turn out, and also to see how having Noah there affects Tyne's confidence - on last years photos he was too scared to sit and pose along and we had to go in on the photos with him, I wonder if having his little brother beside him this year will give him more confidence...we'll soon see!

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  1. They are so adorable Hayley! I love how happy they always look together. Gorgeous boys :) x

  2. Aww they look so cute together 😊☺

  3. so beautiful. My son is much darker colouring than my girls who are both light brown hair coloured.

  4. Oh wow they do look so very different. Both have amazing features and you are very lucky.

  5. It's so normal to worry about how the third baby will affect the dynamics in your family but I promise things will just settle. My three are close in age (2yrs between the first two and 2yrs 4mo between the 2nd and 3rd) and I think it just makes them really close. All will be fine x

  6. They are absolutely adorable together. Ethan's the same, expects Logan to share but isn't quite sure about sharing himself sometimes ha! x

  7. They're so cute, Taylor is very much like Noah in that he only cries with reason so we're very lucky! I love how Noah & Tyne look so happy with one another. Definitely makes me want a sibling for Taylor.

    I hope you're enjoying your pregnancy and doing well. xx

  8. Gorgeous photos and thanks for reminding me about this. I would have forgotten to post my entry x

  9. I'm glad they're getting on so well! Yes, sharing is a concept not quite grasped with us either!


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