Friday, 20 November 2015

Tips for a Family Friendly Bathroom

As children we probably all remember those fun bathroom moments, from getting the bath toys out to having a good splash around in the bubbly water and it’s no different for the little ones of today’s generation. Whilst, the bathroom obviously has its practical benefits to keeping us clean, it can also be a fun experience for little ones and a relaxing space for adults to enjoy as well.

Keeping children safe in the bathroom will allow them to have only happy bathroom experiences without any nasty accidents. If you’re looking for some family friendly bathroom tips then you’ve come to the right place, as this handy guide will help to keep your precious bundles of joy safe in the bathroom.

Always Supervise Children

Bathrooms can be dangerous places and with slippery floors, hot water and chemicals floating around keeping an eye on your children should be a high priority when they are in the area. Put down bath mats and floor mats to keep slips at bay and always encourage walking rather than running when there’s a hard floor and water about.

If you’ve got any cleaning products in your bathroom then make sure you store them on high surfaces out the reach of little hands. If you like to keep your storage sophisticated then pick out some nice wicker baskets or tubs to keep them covered. Similarly, keep any sharp objects and medicines hidden away too, the majority of medicines will be fitted with a safety cap to avoid any medicinal accidents.

Make it Fun

If your children are likely to have a tantrum when it comes to bath time then make it a fun experience for them and you’ll soon see the tears disappear. Bath time should be a special bonding experience between both parent and child and even siblings too.

Get creative with bath time toys or use old shampoo bottles to practice measuring water and learning whilst they splash around. You could also get them to join in with wash themselves by bringing a plastic jug into the bathroom and encouraging them to wash away!

Choose a Theme 

We all love a theme sometimes and theming your bathroom will help to add to that fun bathroom vibe and make it an enjoyable place for everyone. If you don’t want to go to children crazy then choose some fun bathroom accessories to add a little creative flair to the space.

You could pick up some fun tooth brush holders or cute towels to help make bath time more exciting. Pick out a cool storage box too, to store all those bathroom toys in, not only will this make it fun for children when they pick out which toy they want to play with but it also keeps it adult friendly too.

Keep Electricals Away

Children are a curious bunch and experimenting is their favourite thing to do, so as tempting as it is to keep your hairdryer and any other electricals in the bathroom for ease of use make sure you keep them hidden from prying eyes.

From playing with electricals near water to hot straighteners, little ones can often get creative with the most inanimate of objects so avoid any nasty accidents and keep them locked away in your bedroom instead.

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