Sunday, 8 November 2015

Toddler Tried & Tested: Tyne Learns The Months Of The Year Book

My 2 year old son Tyne is a big fan of books - he has been every since his baby days as I have always loved to sit and read with him.

He has a story every night before bed (Usually the same one read about 3 times!), and throughout the day will often come over to me to ask to sit on my knee and read for a while - he also loves to examine his books by himself, studying all the pictures and often remembers the stories word for word so "reads" them to himself from memory.

His book collection is pretty large but it's something I really don't mind as I don't think you can ever really have too many books!

We were recently sent a fantastic book from the wonderful selection over at Personalised Gift Solutions.

I'm a sucker for anything personalised, so I loved the idea of a book that was personalised with Tyne's (rather unusual!) name - of course this isn't something that Tyne himself realises yet as he doesn't yet recognise his own name but as he gets older and learns to read himself I'm sure it's something he'll also appreciate.

Tyne Learns The Months Of The Year is a really love book, with beautiful illustrations that really get across the theme and feel of each of the months.

It's written in rhyme, which I always find makes story times flow much more easily, and features some very cute little characters that Tyne just loves!

Each page highlights the fun things that occur and things to do that month which is great (and has actually given me some inspiration for activities!), and the back page even features a breakdown of where each month got its name from which was interesting.

This has fast become one of Tyne's favourite books, and he already recognises that October is Halloween month and December is Christmas month which I think is great!

The book would make an ideal Christmas gift for any child, and is available HERE priced at £19.95

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