Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Tyne Talks 2...


Another installment of Tyne Talks...filling you in on the things the 2 year old has come out with lately which have made me chuckle!


I was taking a bath with Tyne, as I have since he was a baby...

Tyne: (Points to my boob area) "Mummy, are those things your arm bands to help you swim?"

Well they do kind of hang about my arm area these days more than pertly point outwards,  so I can understand the confusion! I can see these shared bathtimes stopping imminently...

Tyne: (Running down the aisles of Waitrose) "I love racists! I LOOOOVE RACISTS!"
Me: (running frantically behind) "Raisins! They're called RAISINS!"

Me: "Jon could you pass me a packet of chipsticks please?"
Tyne: "I want some chick sticks!"
Me: "Ok...are you sure you want those and not onion rings?"
Tyne: "Oh no...I don't want chick sticks, I'll have under rings instead!"


While Jon was putting batteries in Tyne's new toy train...

"Daddy, put them in the batty boy!" .... (He meant "Battery box"...he is NOT Ali G....)


 Tyne: "I want to make my own toast"
Me: "You can't make your own toast, you're not old enough to use the toaster...a grown up has to do it"
Tyne: "I'm a grown up too actually...I'm just not a very long one!"


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