Friday, 6 November 2015

You know you're a Bloggers child when....

Bloggers child

You know you're a bloggers child when....

*You're on first name terms with the postman, and almost every parcel is for you...even though you're only 2 years old

*BUT you're not allowed to open anything until photos have been taken and shared to Facebook, Instagram, etc etc!

*You also have to wait until a photo's been taken before touching your lunch...

*And any baking or crafting you do will no doubt include a video camera or at least a series of Instagram snaps!

*Your first word is "cheeeeeeeese!"

*The phrase "NO MORE PICTURES!" is used more often by you than by most z-celebrities

*You were 18 months old before you realised the camera was NOT actually attached to Mummys hand...

*And neither was her phone....

*It's pretty run-of-the-mill to wake up with a camera pointed at you...or while you're in the bath...or while you're doing pretty much anything really!

*You have your own Instagram hashtag

*You change your brand of nappies and wipes often because "Mummy was sent these ones to try this week"...

*You understand how to take the perfect selfie and what your best angle is before you start school

*Whenever a video camera points at you, you automatically shout "Hi guys!" or "Thanks for watching!"

Anything you'd add to my list?!

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  1. Hahaha! You have your own instagram hashtag..brilliant! ;') x

  2. This made me giggle so much - it's all so true! My husband now knows not to touch any parcels I receive, I've programmed it into him that EVERYTHING needs photographing first!! haha

    Helen x

  3. Love the own instagram hashtage thing. My son is missing a trick there - we will have to rectify that.

  4. Love this post funny but ao true, can realate to some already with Blake.

  5. So true �� We have #lucasweaningjourney even though he's 17 months old �� And he waits for the postman now! He's a very well fed child thanks to Ellas kitchen and Birdseye ��

    Also one to add, when people ask you where you got an item from and you say and then they ask a price and you have to say "well, I run a blog and we got it for free so I'm not too sure" ��

    Nicole ( x

  6. Hahah, so true! I thought I was the only oen on first time names with the postman! I was walking along the road the other day and he pulled up in his van next to me to hand me a parcel because "I know you well enough to know this is for you" bahaha. My kids are SO fed up of me pointing the camera at them randomly lol. I can relate to ALL these things! Loved this post a lot. xx

  7. Haha brilliant! All very true, I vlog, so my eldest think it is pretty normal to unload the shopping onto the table, film it then put it away :)

  8. hahaha! Love this! All so true! x

  9. I love this :) Especially shouting hi guys when they see a camera, the mark of a true pro! And not many kids have their own #s lol

  10. Haha this is so true! T has hash tag and everything too. It's a must ;)

    Having see your wee man in teh blogger top I'm tempted to buy it now seeing it doesn't look at all girly. He's so adorable. Xx

  11. Haha this is great! Can agree with most. My girls have gotten used to me wanting to take photos before they do any crafts or before any new parcels are opened haha x

  12. Haha, this is great! It seems like blogging has become my life to just take photograph nearly everything that is worthy to blog.

  13. Haha, yes to all these points, but especially point 2 - don't open it yet!! x

  14. Oh Hayley, this did make me giggle! Darcie said "No pictures mum" the other day and it did make me giggle!! xxx

  15. Funny article. Its hilarious that he has his own instagram hashtag!

  16. yes to these but also when you child asks you to get the latest thing sent to them.

  17. Love this post! Abi gets so disappointed if the postman knocks and the parcel isn't for her or Sophia lol

    Sophia is quite happy to pose for blog photos, for now!


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