Friday, 6 November 2015

You know you're a Bloggers child when....

Bloggers child

You know you're a bloggers child when....

*You're on first name terms with the postman, and almost every parcel is for you...even though you're only 2 years old

*BUT you're not allowed to open anything until photos have been taken and shared to Facebook, Instagram, etc etc!

*You also have to wait until a photo's been taken before touching your lunch...

*And any baking or crafting you do will no doubt include a video camera or at least a series of Instagram snaps!

*Your first word is "cheeeeeeeese!"

*The phrase "NO MORE PICTURES!" is used more often by you than by most z-celebrities

*You were 18 months old before you realised the camera was NOT actually attached to Mummys hand...

*And neither was her phone....

*It's pretty run-of-the-mill to wake up with a camera pointed at you...or while you're in the bath...or while you're doing pretty much anything really!

*You have your own Instagram hashtag

*You change your brand of nappies and wipes often because "Mummy was sent these ones to try this week"...

*You understand how to take the perfect selfie and what your best angle is before you start school

*Whenever a video camera points at you, you automatically shout "Hi guys!" or "Thanks for watching!"

Anything you'd add to my list?!

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