Thursday, 26 November 2015

Zazzle Christmas Jumpers For Everyone!

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I am ALL ABOUT CHRISTMAS!!!

Christmas, to me, is one big long excuse to be as cheesy as humanly possible - give me those light up ties, fluffy festive socks, christmas tree hats and as much Mariah Carey warbling as you can throw at me, I'll enjoy every last moment!

One of my favourite things about Christmas is that it's the one time of year that you can look tacky, cheesy, garish and ridiculous...ON PURPOSE...and nobody will judge you! (And if they do...BAH HUMBUG!! It's Christmas you miserable bugger!)

To cut a long story short, I basically just bloody love a Christmas jumper! The more OTT and ridiculous, the better!

So when the lovely people at Zazzle gave me the chance to kit out the entire family with Christmas threads from their fabulous website, I was beside myself with festive glee!

I found the Zazzle website so very easy to use, and what I REALLY loved was that there was not only a HUGE range of clothes available but they were all able to be personalised! Fantastic!

I set about ordering some lovely bits and bobs for the family, and they arrived a few days ago!

So let me share our Christmas Crackers with you!

For Tyne I chose this lovely warm, fluffy red sweater which is emblazoned with the words: "Is it Christmas, yet? Is it Christmas, yet? IS IT CHRISTMAS, YET?!" - I found this very very appropriate for a toddler who asks that question about 18 times on any given day!

The sweater is lovely and warm, and I loved that you could change the colour of the text to whatever you wanted - the suggested colour was green but I thought white would work better so I simply altered it, and hey presto!

For Noah, I of course wanted something to celebrate the fact that it's his very first Christmas - and I thought this cute personalised baby vest was just too adorable to turn down!

I love the candy cane "1" just for that added bit of festive fun! The vest is actually size 9 months so that it fits Noah when Christmas arrives, so it's a little big but is perfect sizing for the age it's aimed for! 

For Jon, it just had to be this Don't Stop Believin Santa logo t shirt! Christmas fun combined with one of my favourite cheesy songs?! YES PLEASE!!!

I actually ordered this in the hopes that he wouldn't want to wear it and would give it to me instead, but sadly he likes it - so that's not going to happen! Boo! I think it's perfect!!!

And as for me, well although you can find Womens Christmas Jumpers in all sorts of colours these days....for the woman who can't get enough Christmas it just had to be something in bright Santa red! 

I love the "Keep Calm" logo so this seemed like an ideal choice, and the addition of Santa and his sleigh made it all the more perfect! Now bare in mind I am actually 7 months pregnant, so the fit is a little bit snug, but I'll be keeping it for next Christmas so that bump doesn't stretch it out too much! The quality of this tshirt is really good, something I'd be more than happy to purchase from any good high street store!

And, because it's me and I'm a Christmas junkie, I had to get two tops! I just couldn't choose, ok?!

I also picked up this "OCD: Obsessive Christmas Disorder" t shirt - anyone who knows me will know how very very appropriate for me this slogan is!!

The ones we chose are just a tiny tiny few of the HUNDREDS of fantastic items available on Zazzle - there are jumpers, t shirts, vests and all kinds of amazing stuff from the kitsch to the hilarious and everything in between!

Zazzle are set to have a HUGE Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale this weekend too, so make sure you head over to take full advantage of that!

To view the full Christmas range Or to view everything that Zazzle have on offer, visit

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