Sunday, 13 December 2015

Kokoso: Coconut Oil For Babies Delicate Skin

When it comes to looking at my childrens skin, I have to admit to being very picky and quite afraid to be too adventurous - I had a bad experience with a skin product which promised it was suitable for delicate newborn skin and ended up leaving Tyne with a horrible chemical-like burn on his forehead, which lasted for months! I was horrified of course, and so since then I've been very careful with what I'll use on either of the boys - preferring to use as few products as possible. We tend to use only a gentle baby wash and a gentle lotion for Tyne's dry skin - nothing more.

However, Noah has recently started to have some areas of dry skin and I wanted to find something to use to alleviate this that wasn't going to be too harsh.

I was recently intoduced to Kokoso and we have found it to be the perfect answer to our skincare problems.

So what is it?

Kokoso was the brain child of a mum whose little girl was having a tough time with her dry skin, She found a coconut oil loaded with active natural nutrients, with nothing stripped away through processing and nothing added to dilute it's purity which worked perfectly.

Kokoso is a natural, organic coconut oil designed especially for babies delicate skin - Inside every pot you’ll find the multipurpose moisturising power of around three organic coconuts, grown and cared for on an ethical family-run farm in Thailand.

The award winning coconut oil hasn’t been refined, bleached or deodorised or tampered with in any way and thanks to a coconut-friendly process it's lighter & thinner than others, ensuring all of its amazing natural nutrients absorb better into babies’ delicate skin. 

Kokoso is less dense than other coconut oils and so absorbs better and faster into babies skin, it doesn't leave behind any greasy residue as you may expect from a coconut oil and it's scent is very subtle and fresh - not at all the overwhelmingly sickly smell I would have expected from a coconut oil products.

Kokoso also comes in a baby-safe BPA-free 100% recyclable plastic pot, rather than the heavy glass jars you usually find coconut oils in which are not particularly baby and child friendly.

We have definitely been convinced that Kokoso is the perfect solution to baby dry skin for us.

To try it for yourself or find out more, please visit

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