Friday, 11 December 2015

Lifecake: The Perfect App for Distance Families

Watching our families grow over the years is one of lifes greatest pleasures, but with families more spread out across the world today than they've ever been before it can often be difficult for people to stay connected.

My own parents live 250 miles away from us and although they visit often, they don't get to see the children every day or even every week which I know they'd love to do - they often comment on how much the children have grown and changed since they last saw them, life moves so fast and children really do grow so quickly.

Of course I use social media to keep them updated where possible, but not everybody is on social media sites - my Dad for example has no idea when it comes to using sites like Facebook but he is all for learning to use technology to enable him to keep up with his grandkids lives.

I bought him a tablet last Christmas and he soon learned how to use Skype so that he could call the kids and see them face to face as much as possible, and now I've discovered a new app that I just know he'll love!
Lifecake is a fantastic app and website which allows you to create a space for each of your children, where you can add photos from numerous sources such as your phone or PC, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram and Picasa - You can allow your partner access so that they're able to add photos too - aqnd you have 100% control over who has access to those photos, so if you choose to only share it with the grandparents you can - or you can share it with whomever you choose to.

I personally love watching the slideshow of the kids timelines, and the fact that it gives their age in years, months and days for each photo - it's lovely to see a photo and be reminded of just how old they were when it was taken! 

The fantastic thing about Lifecake is that its absolutely FREE to use! It's not often you can say that these days is it?

Lifecake have released this lovely heartwarming video showing how valuable their service can be for families like mine living with physical distance between them - It may be my pregnancy hormones, but I have to admit I shed a tear at the end!

Lifecake have got a wonderful competition running this month called the #MeandMyBear competition where you could win a three night stay at the fantastic Port Lympne Reserve, as well as lots of fabulous runner up prizes. 

All you have to do is enter yourself into their photo contest to be in with a chance of winning.

Simply upload a picture of you with your childhood toy (or your childs toy) on Facebook here, or simply share your pic on Instagram or Twitter tagging @Lifecake and using the hashtag #MeAndMyBear. The full competition details can be viewed here:

Here’s mine - as anybody who reads my blog knows, Tyne is obsessed with one thing and one thing only - Thomas The Tank! He doesn't have any actual bears because all he wants to know about is trains...he takes trains to bed every night instead of cuddly toys, he takes his trains with him everywhere he goes and his favourite thing in the world is his Thomas I took my snap posing with that!

Will you be entering?

You can download Lifecake via the App Store: or Google Play: or also use the website if you'd prefer

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