Friday, 4 December 2015

McDonalds: To Treat or not to Treat?! #sponsored

When it comes to offering up treats for special occasions, my 2 year old son Tyne has his firm favourite requests.

Quite often it'll be a Thomas Mini he'll ask for, or a kinder egg - another firm favourite is a trip to "Old McDonalds" - which is how he chooses to refer to good old McDonalds!

Now I have to admit, when these requests come up - I always feel a little torn.

I remember so clearly from my own childhood the excitement I'd feel at the prospect of a visit to the yellow arches - my aunt would often take me and my cousins on trips to the cinema and afterwards we'd always stop for a Maccy D's on the way home! There was something so special about those trips, myself and my closest cousin were the oldest - so while the rest of the gang sat together with their happy meals she & I would slink off to our own little table for two and indulge in our oh-so-grown up McChicken Sandwhiches!

I remember how much I loved those McDonalds visits, and I want to give my own children the same enjoyment - but on the other hand you hear so many bad things about what goes in to McDonalds these days that I can't help but wonder whether we should be allowing these treats.

Where McChicken Sandwhiches were my own personal choice as a kid, Tyne is all about the Chicken McNugget happy meals - we've all seen the disgusting videos and score mongering memes on Facebook about what goes into these products and it does play on my mind - even though deep down I don't believe any of it!

So when I recently saw the below video, I was relieved to have my mind put at rest - McDonalds Chicken McNuggets are made from 100% chicken breast - not feet, not beak - chicken breast!!! It's really that simple!

Of course I don't intend on giving him these meals for every dinner, but for the occasional treat it's certainly reassured me!

This post has been sponsored by McDonalds but all thoughts are my own

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  1. Joey is 17 months old and he has had the odd nibble of my chips or Chicken Selects, I haven't actually taken him in a McDonald's and bought a meal for him. I think for kids, trips to McDonald's etc should be a treat. Theirs nothing wrong with giving them an occasional fast food treat but I know what you mean with the stuff they apparently made with.

  2. I am partial to a bit of Maccy D's myself too! :) I don't take my daughter there that often but sometimes it is really convenient, especially when we are out and about. She does really love it, an gets excited when we go :) I remember I was the same as a kid!

  3. I can't deny their pulling power! I do let my son nibble on some once in a while however we talk a lot about healthy eating and the pros and cons of fast foods so that he can learn to make wise decisions for himself!

  4. I can't deny their pulling power! I allow my son to nibble on some once in a while after some good old talk about pros and cons of fast foods. I want him to learn to make wiser decisions for himself.


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