Thursday, 31 December 2015

Me and Mine December 2015

As 2015 draws to a close it seems like a great time not only to reflect on the month that has past as I do every month for these posts, but also to reflect on the year that's gone by. 

I can hardly believe how crazy 2015 has been - one thing I am shocked at is how truly fast it has zoomed by!

When I look back at our Me and Mine photos for the year, I remember so very clearly the moment we took each and every one - January's photo taken on a freezing cold Tenby beach during our holiday to Bluestone seems like it was only taken weeks ago, rather than almost a full year!

I can remember how freezing cold I was, having to call in to a dodgy little shop to buy a horrid coat that didn't even fasten over my bump because I'd forgotten to bring my own - I remember Tyne sitting on the beach digging and crying when it was time to leave, not feeling the cold at all for all the fun he was having.

I remember watching him in the sand and wondering how it would be in a few short months time when I had two little boys to look after...not being able to imagine what that would be like.

And now, at the close of the year, not being able to imagine life without both of them - as though there was never a time when Noah wasn't part of our lives.

Another funny thought is that, looking back over those 12 months of family photos, I was only actually not pregnant in 2 of them!!! What a strange thought!

This month's photos were taken on Christmas Eve - with two VERY excited little boys! I say two, you may think that Noah is too little to be excited but he definitely knew that something was different that night and was just as full of squeals and giggles as his big brother was!!

This Month:

Jon Has Been Loving:

*Watching the kids faces light up on Christmas morning
*All the Christmas goodies!
*Getting to finally go and see Star Wars after I caved in and bought us tickets for Christmas

I Have Been Loving:

*Seeing my little Noo Noo experience Christmas for the first time - feasting on wrapping paper, banging on boxes and generally lapping up all the attention that comes with family visits at Christmas!
*Seeing Tyne truly understand Christmas for the first time, how excited he'd been and how much fun he's had every day
*Feeling lots of big kicks and wiggles from baby number 3, all the sugar over the festive season has really brought him/her to life with movements!!!

Tyne has been loving:

*Life in general - Christmas is a great time to be a 2 year old!!!
*His new Darth Vader costume - definitely takes after his Dad on the Star Wars Fan front!

Noah has been loving:

*All the wrapping paper he's had to chew on and rip apart
*Learning how to bum shuffle his way across the floor (Clearly crawling is for losers!)
*High five-ing anyone and everyone he meets!

That's all from us for 2015 - it's been a truly epic year, full of lots of unexpected twists and turns, new arrivals and news of impending unexpected ones! Our family has changed more than I ever imagined in just one short year but it's been wonderful, and I'm so excited to see what 2016 has in store for us.

Thank you so very much to each and every reader of this blog for your support over the past year, we hope that you'll continue to join us on our journey next year as we tackle life with three kids under three!!! Eeek!

We wish you all a happy and healthy new year!

See you in 2016!!!!

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