Monday, 7 December 2015

Munchkin Latch Electric Steriliser and Bottles Review

No matter how you choose to feed your baby, at some point during their baby years you may well find that you want to introduce a bottle - whether it's to allow Dad or other family members to feed baby, whether it's your every day choice or whatever the reason - it's something that a large percentage of Mums do, and so of course choosing the right bottle can be a difficult and quite mind boggling choice with so very many brands and designs on the market these days!

One of the most important elements of feeding baby is that their latch is correct as this helps to ensure that baby is getting enough milk at the right speed for them, and helps to reduce colic - Munchkin Latch bottles have a unique accordian style teat which mimics the movement of the nipple to help ensure that babies latch is correct. 

When breastfeeding the flow of milk is controlled by babies suckling action applying pressure to the base of mums nipple, again the Latch bottle mimics this by releasing more milk when baby applies pressure to the base of the teat.

And because the accordian-style teat flexes as baby moves around, it enables the latch to be maintained which greatly reduces the risk of trapped air and colic.

In addition to this there is also an anti-colic valve within the bottles which allows milk to flow whilst also ensuring that no air bubbles can travel through.

Noah has been using the Munchkin Latch bottles for a few weeks now, and I can see no reason to go back to the bottles we were using previously - he likes to move his head around a lot these days whilst he's feeding and so being able to do that whilst still keeping his latch and drinking has been great! He also seems to suffer from trapped wind far less since making the switch.

Latch Bottles are available in two sizes - 4oz or 8 oz - and can be bought singly, in sets or as a complete newborn starter kit - to view the full range available take a look HERE

We've also been trying out the Latch Electric Steriliser Set  - I've found this really great to use as it only takes 6 minutes to run through and completely sterilise your items, which I find so efficient and time saving!
Obviously you never want to use chemicals anywhere near your baby and their feeding supplies, so the The LATCH Steam Guard™ Electric Steriliser Kit provides a safe, natural and efficient way to kill up 99.9% of bacteria on bottles, teats, pacifiers, teethers, small toys and breast pump accessories.

 It allows you to sterilise 9 bottles and accessories at once, which is far more than my previous steriliser would fit - it features an adjustable tray to fit multiple sizes and clips bottles in to keep them upright too.

It even has safety features to keep steam burns at bay, with a heat-resistant handle and tongs, to a dome lid that latches securely to trap hot steam and locks upwards to prevent accidental opening. When sterilisation is complete and the germs are gone, the steriliser shuts itself off automatically, too. 

The set includes the steriliser, 2 4 oz Bottles, 2 stage 1 teats and 1 bottle brush and is available for £59.99.

You can read more about Munchkin Latch bottles HERE or about the Latch Electric Steriliser HERE

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