Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Our Christmas 2015

And just like that, Christmas is over for another year!

Well....not really...personally I never considered Christmas truly ended until after New Years Day, and still like to keep the Christmas vibe going with lots of treats and fun activities - after all, there's such a big build up to it all it seems a shame to let it end so quickly - it only comes once a year after all!

As much as our tree is starting to drive me slightly mad with needle drop, I am going to persevere and keep it up until at LEAST January 3rd - hopefully the traditional January 5th if I can make it that far!

So, how did we spend our Christmas this year?!

Let's start with Christmas Eve - I was quite rubbish at taking photos unfortunately, and didn't remember to snap a single one of the boys with their Christmas Eve Box but they loved opening it and going through their goodies!

Tyne opened his first few gifts from family and some secret santa's we'd taken part in during the afternoon - I usually leave extended family gifts to open on Boxing Day but by that time they're overwhelmed with other gifts so I thought they'd appreciate them more on Christmas Eve and it turned out to be a good decision - Tyne received a lovely personalised Thomas book themed around Christmas which we read before bed that evening, some lovely new pyjamas and a super cool robot from my Aunt which he LOVED and played with all day - even asking to take it into church! (I don't think the Vicar would have appreciated it, it's pretty loud!!)

We got ready for church and headed off there for the Crib Service which we go to every year.

That evening when we came home, we bathed the boys and we all got into our family Christmas Eve Jammies!!! We looked like the cheesiest family ever but Tyne thought it was so much fun that we were all matching!

Afterwards we read our books from the Christmas eve box, decorated our gingerbread men and painted our Christmas Baubles - we had our traditional Christmas Eve Buffet tea whilst watching the Thomas Christmas Special and then Noah headed up for the evening, whilst Tyne and I sat down to have our Snowman Soup and have a chat about Christmas

That evening, with the boys settled in bed, Jon and I set about our tasks of setting out the Santa gifts, building the dolls house and bike, setting the table ready for dinner, cooking the turkey and prepping the veg!

The next morning Tyne woke up at 8.50, and came through to our room to tell us that Santa hadn't been!!! I asked if he'd looked in his stocking and he said "No...I'll go and check..."

Soon followed the delighted squeals of "OH HE HAS BEEN!!!!"

He brought his stocking through and we fetched Noah through with his too, they sat on our bed and opened their little gifts - Tyne's stocking contained about 4 little engines and his words were "Santa has been very kind to me!"

He was shocked and delighted when we headed downstairs and he saw the rest of the presents waiting for him! We spent the rest of morning watching them open their gifts.

After the kids had opened their gifts and were busy playing, Jon and I gave each other our gifts - I was very spoiled by Jon who bought me a new Macro lens for my camera, a massive SD card which enabled me to start using my DSLR as a video camera (Which was very handy as my usual Canon Legria video camera chose Christmas Morning to break!) , some dvds and books I'd wanted, chocolates, pyjamas and a beautiful Willow Tree ornament called Brothers which represents Tyne & Noah beautifully - I collect Willow Tree figures and I love having a new one to add!

Then it was time for Christmas Dinner - Jon and I enjoyed it but Tyne wasn't interested in the slightest, just wanting to get away from the table to play! He ate a grand total of one sole carrot! Noah, on the other hand, wolfed his down and very much enjoyed his first try of chocolate cake afterwards!

After dinner, (And a sneaky nap on the sofa for an exhausted 8 month pregnant mummy!) we got dressed and headed out for the second part to our Christmas Day - visiting my mum and dad at their holiday apartment, where my sister and her kids were too!

Tyne and Noah were, once again, thoroughly spoilt by their grandparents and aunt!! Nanny & Gagand bought Noah a really cool Thomas the tank booster seat which he loves, as well as a drum, a Noahs ark set and some other bits and pieces.

They bought Tyne a Thomas take and play set, Thomas playdoh, a Fireman dress up set, and...best of all....an absolutely massive electric car complete with blaring music and sirens! (Yeah.....Thanks Mum! :P)

The kids spent the rest of the evening playing with their cousins while the adults took turns to swap gifts.

Again I was thoroughly spoilt! I received some lovely gifts including candles, bubble baths, pyjamas, underwear, socks, 2 lovely pefumes (Vera Wang Princess and Noa by Cacharel which they bought because of the name but is actually lovely!) and some spending money for the sales!

The next day, Boxing Day, we headed off to my sisters house for more festivities - she'd done a lovely buffet tea for us all and Tyne loved visiting his cousins again and getting to play with all of their new toys!

All in all our Christmas this year was really magical! I think Noah thoroughly enjoyed his very first Christmas, and I'm already looking forward to next year when we get to celebrate with 3 little ones!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

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