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Our Christmas Home Decor 2015

Today I'm giving you a little tour around the Christmas Decs in our don't be expecting anything subtle - that is NOT my nature when it comes to Christmas! You can call it austentatious, but to me it's a case of MORE is more when it comes to Christmas and I will pretty much decorate anything that stands still for long enough!

Let's start with the tree...

As I mentioned in my Festive December post, our tree this year is once again from Pines & Needles who provide a real, top of the line high quality tree delivered to your door -  Our delivery was nice and straightforward, no fuss...just a beautiful tree delivered to our door - perfection!

If you're not happy with your tree when it arrives all you need to do is let Pines & Needles know and they'll simply replace it for you!

This year I chose a white & silver theme for the tree - there are one or two other colours in there as some decorations are too special to me to leave off, but it's mostly white & silver.

I know that tinsel isn't very on trend at the moment but to me it's just not a Christmas tree without tinsel, it has to be done!

We have our little Christmas train around the bottom, but to be honest it's mostly empty tracks as the train itself always seems to find itself off being played with somewhere by a certain train-mad 2 year old!

On the tree itself I have a number of special baubles which have personal meaning to me....

The Turtle Doves were something I bought during the first Christmas Jon & I celebrated together in our first home, they represent us!

This Tinkerbell decoration was a gift from my sister a few Christmases ago, she's from their trip to Eurodisney and I just love her....Tinkerbell is my favourite Disney character!

I bought this cruise ship decoration during my holiday on the Royal Carribean independance of the seas cruise ship which was the best holiday I've ever had! The cruise was in February but when I saw this in the shop I knew I'd want this reminder of it every Christmas!! I love it!!

I made this angel in memory of my Nan who died a couple of years ago, it always makes me smile when I see it on the tree and remember her.

This year we've also added some new ones, these personalised baubles for Tyne and Noah were from - I think they're really sweet and I love the fact that they're matching Tatty Teddy designs!

These are available HERE for £11.45

We were also sent this lovely personalised star decoration, which is available HERE for £10.00

I don't have a great deal of light up decorations around the house (though I do intend to decorate the outside eventually!), but I do love this battery lit present - and as you can see, Noah enjoys it too!

This year we also have a real 6-foot long pine garland going up the bannister - I love this touch, it's so bushy and just screams CHRISTMAS as soon as you step inside the front door! It came ready decorated with the red bows so it was just a case of putting it up!

This was also from Pines & Needles and was delivered along with our tree.

I love a festive fireplace, so that's where I focus my decorative efforts in the living room - we have a garland above it, and our stockings hung ready for Santa - Jon & I have our Zazzle monogrammed stockings and the kids have their personalised ones from Izabela Peters.

Izabela Peters has tons of stocking designs to choose from so there is something to suit every taste, these snowman design personalised ones are available HERE priced at £16.99 each

We also have something new this year in the form of a traditional wooden activity hanging advent calendar!

I absolutely love this - it is such high quality made from walnut wood, and comes attached to ribbon ready to be hung on the Christmas tree or wall - I chose to hang it above the fireplace using little Santa pegs!

Each day has a festive activity suggested on the reverse - such as "Learn a new Christmas carol", "Make a Christmas decoration" or "Bake cookies" etc - I think it's such a lovely idea and we have really been enjoying using it!

This is available HERE priced at £48.00 from

I've been on the hunt for a nice Snowglobe for a few weeks now and was really struggling to find one I liked, but I spotted this one in The Range recently and it was exactly what I wanted - it plays Christmas music and looks lovely and festive atop the fireplace!

Of course Christmas Decor wouldn't be complete to me without a proper nativity scene, so this takes pride of place in the fireplace!

Last year Jon also purchased a lovely little light up village scene, which I think is just so cute! It's comprised of little houses, a church, and carol singers!

We also have our Christmas Family Rules sign and hanging felt hearts from Next.

We're counting down the days with our beautiful Perpetual Calendar from Wilko (£8.00)

And I love our snowy wreath which I picked up at a local Christmas market last year!

So there you have it, our Christmas Decs tour for 2015!

What are your favourite Christmas decorations in your house? As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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