Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Our Family Christmas Eve Box 2015

Last year I started the tradition of giving Tyne a Christmas Eve box with some fun festive activities and treats inside to help get him geared up for Christmas...

This is something I want to continue to do each year but now that Noah is here too and our family is growing yet again, I decided it was going to be quite a big commitment to make up a Christmas Eve box for each child and I was conscious of not spoiling them too much with gifts and treats right on top of Christmas, as they end up very overwhelmed with gifts and treats then too.

So instead of individual boxes, I decided I'd like to turn it into a Family Christmas Eve Box - a big box containing things for ALL of us to help us get into the Christmas spirit!

I spent a long time looking for the perfect box to use as I wanted it to be the same one year after year - I thought about buying one of the lovely personalised ones I've seen but I couldn't find one that would be big enough for a whole family to use, and as much as I loved the idea of having their names put onto the box I don't know what new baby will be called and I didn't want to leave him/her off - so instead I kept looking for a standard box and found the perfect one in TK Maxx!

This box was only £7.99 and its HUGE and very sturdy, so should last us for many Christmases to come - I think it's very festive looking too!

So what's inside the box?!

I wanted to include some treats for us all to enjoy as well some fun things to do together on Christmas Eve...

So I've included:

Some Christmas DVDs for us to snuggle up together and watch after going to the church service, along with some Christmassy treats to enjoy while we watch them - some chocolates santas and Christmas lollies!

I've also included these lovely little Snowman Soup cones - it's basically hot chocolate with marshmallows and maltesers, with a candy cane for stirring and I think they look so cute!

I've also bought some Decorate Your Own Gingerbread Men which I think will be fun for the kids to do during the daytime.

There's also a selection of Christmas themed books inside the box.

Of course we'll also need something festive to wear while we watch our films, eat our treats and read our stories - I picked these matching family PJs up a while ago and I LOVE them! I think they're so adorably kitsch and I can't wait to take snaps of us all wearing them on Christmas Morning!

They were an amazing bargain too - I've seen lots of high end label matching pyjamas around lately but seriously, who wants to spend a fortune on pjs?! These were from our local Home Bargains store and cost a mere £7.99 each!! 

And finally we have some magical reindeer food for Tyne to sprinkle outside for Rudolph and his friends on Christmas Eve, a Magic Key to leave out for Santa so that he can get inside to deliver our presents and a special letter from Santa's Workshop to read to the children as they get ready for bed on Christmas Eve.

I'm so excited for Christmas Eve to arrive so I can give this to the children!

Do you do a Christmas Eve basket? I'd love to hear what you include in yours!

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