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Our Festive December - Week 1 - Letters to Santa, Bauble Making, Visiting Father Christmas & Decorating the tree!

As somebody who LOVES Christmas so much, I like to try to spread the festive cheer throughout the entire month of December rather than just around Christmas week itself, so with that in mind I have a whole host of fun family activities planned to get us all in the Christmas spirit!

I thought I'd share a weekly post showing the festive frolics we're taking part in each week, as it will be lovely to look back on and I know there must be other Christmas-Addicts out there like me looking for ideas of Christmassy things to do in the run up to the big day itself!
So what have we been doing to get ourselves into the Christmas spirit for the first week of December?

You can take a look at our video below showing our tree decoration session and the other Christmas things we've done this week including visiting Santa, writing our Santa letters and making baubles!

The first thing we did was to write our letters to Santa - I know the kids are too young to write their own lists but I still really enjoy doing this with them, I've done it every year since Tyne was born - even though he was only 9 months old!

This year Tyne (who marked himself as "Very Good" rather than Extremely Good!) has asked for a Thomas Bike, Thomas's Dragon Drop (Which he reminds me every day that he really REALLY wants!) and a few surprises, whereas Noah has asked for a Rocker, some dummies and some baby toys! 

I wonder if they'll be good enough to get them?!

This week we also visited Santa in his Grotto - the day didn't go without hiccups as unfortunately we arrived at the Garden Centre where we'd intended to visit Santa only to be told he's already left, despite us calling previously to check the opening times! So after a 45 minute wasted trip and with a very disappointed toddler in tow, we set about on a wild goose chase desperately trying to find somewhere we could see the Big man himself - we headed to Marldon Christmas Tree Farm (Which is 5 minutes away from us, ironically!) and told them our predicament - they couldn't have been more helpful and managed to squeeze us in last minute!

We were greeted by a lovely elf named Fizz, who took us on a little walk to the North Pole - we stopped along the way to look at various sights including a giant lit up reindeer and Santa's own sleigh, and we stopped off to make a special Christmas wish!

When we arrived at Santa's log cabin, Tyne was awe struck! He sat up next to Santa and chatted away to him about Christmas and what he'd love to see in his sack on Christmas morning - Santa was lovely, and we managed to get a few snaps in before Noah decided enough was enough!

And then of course,  it was time to get the house Christmas ready and decorate our tree!
Once again this year we got our tree from Pines & Needles - we were introduced to them last year and were so impressed with our lovely Nordman Firr and their fantastic service that we knew we had to use them again this year.

I'd previously only ever had artificial trees as it's what we always used growing up, and to be honest I was happy using those - I saw no reason to change! But now that I've experienced having a real tree I don't think I could go back to artificial again - real tree's look so much fuller and somehow more festive to me, and I just love that!

One part of having a real tree that I really couldn't be bothered with though is venturing out to choose one and transport it back to the house - it just looks like too much work when you take toddlers and babies into account! - so the fact that you can order your tree from Pines & Needles who will then deliver it on a day of your choice is PERFECT!

Our delivery was nice and straightforward, no fuss...just a beautiful tree delivered to our door - perfection!

If you're not happy with your tree when it arrives all you need to do is let Pines & Needles know and they'll simply replace it for you!

If you'd like to order your own beautiful Pines & Needles tree be sure to enter the code SPARK15 as this will get you a FREE Mini Christmas Tree, FREE Holly, FREE Mistletoe and FREE 10 inch decorated wreath!

Just head to www.pinesandneedles.com - They also have a fab Elfie Selfie competition on at the moment where you could win a real Christmas tree every year for LIFE! Well worth entering!! Click HERE for more info

We set about decorating the tree with the kids, we all put our Christmas jumpers on (an Elf outfit for Noah!), played our Christmas music and got started - it took a few hours (And the little elf fell fast asleep on the sofa!) but we got there in the end, and Tyne had his annual job of putting the star on the top!

I'm really happy with our finished tree this year!

I'll be sharing the rest of our decs on the blog soon in more detail!

This week we also had a go at making our Hand print Christmas Baubles, which was really good fun - I love having these keepsake ornaments to put out year after year.

Noah's unfortunately didn't turn out too great but we had fun which was the main thing!

And finally, a little look at what our Elf Visitor Tinsel has been getting up to this week!

On the day he arrived we celebrated with a delicious Santa pancake breakfast, which Tyne thought was the best thing ever!

So what exactly has Tinsel been doing this week?

What a mischievous little elf - Tyne has been so excited looking for Tinsel every morning, his favourite day was finding him taking a train ride!

That's all our Festive Fun for this week - back next week with more Christmassy Adventures!!

What festive things have your family been doing lately? As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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