Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Siblings In December

This month is the one I've most been looking forward to all year!

When Tyne was 9 months old, we decided we wanted to capture some special photographs of him to always remember his first Christmas.

We saw an advert detailing a local professional photographer who was offering Christmas themed photoshoots - the price was fantastic at only £39 for the shoot and a disc of the shots taken - so we went ahead and booked it.

We dressed Tyne up in his little Christmas jumper, and went along - the shoot took place in a little village hall, and the lady was lovely with Tyne - she got some beautiful photos of him, which we had blown up onto a huge canvas in our living room, and they've remained my favourite ever pictures from his baby days.

The following year, when I was expecting Noah, we decided to go back again.

Tyne was 20 months old then, and far less willing of a photography subject! He wasn't too keen on the idea of sitting alone to pose for the photos so Jon & I ended up joining him and trying to keep a tantrum at bay! But we still ended up with a set of photos that we loved.

It's become a little tradition to head to the same lady each year, and I love seeing our family grow each time...this year, we headed along for our first year as a family of four.

I dressed my boys in matching outfits which, as anyone who reads my blog regularly will know, is something I love to do!

Tyne had a blast this year - his personality has changed so much this year and he's become such a confident, outgoing little thing - he LOVES meeting new people, has no fear of strangers whatsoever (which scares me!) and LOVES the chance to chat away to anybody who'll listen - so he was in his element smiling and posing away for the photographer, bargaining with her about how many sweeties he'd be allowed for being a good boy!

Noah, on the other hand, showed a different side to his personality - my little NooNoo is usually just full of smiles, he never stops! But on this day he wasn't at all sure about this lady he'd never seen before and her camera! He refused to smile even once, and sat looking very sullen and serious throughout the shoot!

His big brother did his duty well though and kept giving him cuddles and kisses throughout, which seemed to help to reassure him.

I did manage to catch a couple at home though which Noah relaxed into a lot more, so I got a couple of smiley shots!

I love these first professional photos of my brothers together, and I am SO excited to go back next Christmas with yet another new addition and see how my little trio are together!!! How exciting!

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