Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Tiffany Rose Maternity Occasion Wear Review

When it comes to dressing as a heavily pregnant woman, the choices can be pretty limited.

I find myself struggling just for day to day wear to find something that little bit different - stylish and elegant but still flattering and above all comfortable.

So when a special occasion crops up, just how difficult is it to find something suitable?

Personally the answer for me has been VERY - when I was pregnant with Noah I had the wedding of one of my best friends to attend and despite looking both online and in numerous high street stores for weeks I simply couldn't find anything that I felt comfortable in, I ended up wearing a non-maternity outfit - I could just about get away with this as I was only 18 weeks pregnant at the time but I would certainly have preferred a maternity outfit for comfort and if I had been later on in the pregnancy I would have come pretty unstuck.

So when I was recently offered the chance to try out an item from high end Maternity retailer Tiffany Rose I was excited to see just how glamorous maternity wear could actually be.

Tiffany Rose began in 2003 with a simple aim: to offer pregnant women the chance to wear exciting, elegant, beautiful and well-made designs for special occasions.

Their designs are inspired by icons of the 50s and 60s, timeless classics that will never go out of style, with a touch of vintage or a modern twist. Evoking the sense of special and occasion, they offer unusual shades, tonal hues, sumptuous textures and unique prints - all in classic, flattering and wearable styles - and all Made in Britain.

The dress I chose is the Maya Maternity Gown - I absolutely loved the soft femininity of this dress, its dusky floral patterns with icy blue lining and powder blue sash to match create a beautiful romantic Grecian inspired silhouette over a fitted strapless bustier. 

I think the dress is quite simply stunning - despite being quite heavy when lifted from it's presentation box, it feels effortlessly light to wear - it feels floaty and oh so feminine, perfect for summer weddings or special Autumnal occasions.

The sash adds a really special feel and I personally think this would be absolutely stunning to wear for a maternity photo shoot in a woodland setting (which I had intended to do for this post had it ever stopped raining!)

The dress skims the curves of the body gently, yet perfectly frames the bump - it is honestly one of the most comfortable yet beautiful things I have ever worn.

There are many other beautiful dresses available in the Tiffany Rose collection, to see more please visit

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