Thursday, 7 January 2016

A Shared Bedroom For The Boys: My Ideas!

With new baby due to arrive soon, my mind has been firmly focused on how exactly to squeeze us all comfortably into our 3 bedroom house! I've spent many an hour online looking at building inspiration to help with giving us more space to play with but as we rent that's not really going to be possible....
 I say 3 bedroom - it is but one of those is a teeny weeny box room which is difficult to do much with! 
That is the room which is currently being used as Noah's nursery (Which you can see a tour of HERE if you're interested!)...but my plan is to move him in with Tyne once the new baby is ready to go in his or her own room.
 Luckily Noah's nursery design is very unisex, so it's suitable for the new baby as it is - the plan is to move him or her into the nursery from our bedroom when s/he is about 9 months old, and to then move Noah into Tyne's room. 
 Noah will be 20 months old, which is the same age that Tyne was when we moved him into his toddler bed, so I'm hoping the timing should work out well. 
 When it comes to children's bedrooms I have to say that I'm not at ALL a fan of the Pinterest/Blogger trend of decorating according to current trends - I firmly believe that children should be children and their bedrooms should reflect their ages and personalities, rather than be a space for me to decorate to my own taste. 
So you won't find any trendy monochrome here I'm afraid, it's all about the colour and the fun element!
For Tyne I want a really fun bed - he's been used to his Thomas toddler bed, which he absolutely adores!, and so I want to make sure he's not giving up that fun element to his room just because Noah is moving in.
 I think a midsleeper will be ideal as it reclaims the space that would otherwise be lost by the addition of the second bed, meaning we can use the underneath area to store his toys and use as a little "Play den" for him. 
I'm completely torn though between the above Treehouse style bed from Noa & Nani and the below super fun Pirate tent/castle bed with slide! I think I'm going to let Tyne decide which one he most wants.

As for Noah, he'll be needing a toddler bed - we could re-use Tyne's thomas bed but there's no saying whether or not Noah will be a Thomas fan and I've had my eye on this gorgeous one from HelloHome for absolutely ages now! I think it's just perfect! 

So what about the room decor? 
 Well as I mentioned above, I'm really not one for sticking with what's "on trend" design wise when it comes to childrens bedrooms - It would be easy for me to get carried away with the look I would personally prefer but at the end of the day, it's not about me - I believe a child's bedroom should be about them - their tastes, their likes and how they would enjoy it most - and so with that in mind, there'll be no crisp white walls or monochrome going on!
 Instead the colour palette of the room will remain as it is - Lots of blue!!! Tyne loves his super blue bedroom, and so that's how it will stay!

I love name art on the walls in bedrooms, and have it for both Tyne and Noah's bedrooms currently so once they're sharing a room I want to have their names above each of their beds in large striking letters! 
I think this will help add their own sense of belonging over each section of the room as they get older, too!

One thing that will definitely remain is the reading area, Tyne loves this aspect of his room and it's one of my favourite parts of it too - I will be moving it to a corner space but keeping the cute Ikea tent over it, and trying to wall mount the bookshelves to make more of the space (He already has more books than storage space and that's without the addition of Noah's books!)
 I also want to add a "Once upon a time..." wall sticker too.
As for toy storage, they'll have their own toy chest each by their beds and obviously the underneath of Tyne's bed will hold a lot of his things. 
They each have their own wardrobes (Tyne has his already and there's a separate built in one in the bedroom for Noah to use) so storing clothes etc won't be an issue.
I do struggle to find space to store their endless and evergrowing cuddly toy collection though (WHY do people insist on buying cuddly toys for kids?! They're never played with but they love them too much to throw them out?!) and so I love this little Zoo cage idea to have in a corner somewhere!

Do your children have shared bedrooms? What do you to make the most of the space? As always, I'd love to hear from you!  

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