Saturday, 16 January 2016

Alternative Health Resolutions We Should All Make

We should be able to make resolutions at any time of year, but as soon as New Year’s Day rolls around, the phrase on everyone’s lips is ‘what’s your New Year’s resolution?’. January is the poster child for change and bettering ourselves for the year ahead and with the slate wiped clean what better time to start, right?

We know we should be drinking more water, eating more fruit and vegetables and moving more but what if we ripped up the rule book and reinvented our health resolutions for 2016?
Here’s some inspiration for alternative health resolutions we can all aim to make this year.

Preparing Meals in Advance

Got a tendency to be tempted by sweet treats or savory snacks? Preparing your meals in advance can help to get rid of the temptation to snack when those tummy rumbles start. When you do your weekly food shop plan ahead and draw up a list off everything you need to create some nutritional and balanced meals and make sure you stick to it! Whip up your lunches the night before work and get all your ingredients prepped for dinner so that they are ready to go as soon as you arrive home.

Reinvent Your 5 a Day

It can seem impossible sometimes to try and fit in your 5 a day quota of fruit and vegetables but taking a new approach can make that number seem a lot more manageable. Take the time to research what counts as 5 a day and you’ll soon be clued up on how much you need to eat. If you still feel daunted by the prospect then creating a fruit and vegetable juice can help to top up your daily intake.

Taking some ‘you’ time

When it comes to our health I think we sometimes forget that our mental wellbeing should also be included under that category. Taking time out to focus on yourself can help to inspire and motivate you to get up and go. Whether you want to have a relaxing bath with some scented candles and a good read or take up a new hobby, make it one of your habits for 2016.

Quitting Your Vices

And on the subject of habits there are some that simply aren’t good for you. They may be your vices but if they are damaging your health then it’s probably time to nip them in the bud. From a few too many glasses of wine a week or a crafty cigarette, these benefits of quitting smoking are bound to make you quit for good!

Start the Day Right

If you want to feel proactive for the day ahead then it’s important you start the day right. Begin by drinking a glass of water to rehydrate your body or go one step further with a cup of hot water and lemon to help flush out toxins. Complete a morning workout or keep calm with a little yoga to get you feeling zen for the day ahead.

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