Saturday, 30 January 2016

Cheeky Chompers: A New Friend For Noah!

Poor Noah has had a bit of a rubbish week of it, as he came down with a bad case of the snuffles and then spent a few days feeling pretty sorry for himself - he had an upset tummy, was off his milk and had a bad case of nappy rash which is something he doesn't usually suffer with - after speaking to his Dr, it was suggested that it's most likely down to teething mixed in with a bit of a cold.

Although Noah is my second baby, teething is all still a bit new to me as - luckily for all of us - Tyne didn't really ever suffer with getting his teeth through at all. They seemed to just pop up one at a time, and didn't give him any bother at all.

Unfortunately, Noah hasn't been so lucky! He started teething quite early on, and now has 8 teeth through - but he's suffered quite badly with all of them.

This week has definitely been the worst for him so far, and it's been heartbreaking to see my usually smiley little cheeky chops looking so sad and sorry for himself.

Luckily though, his poorliness timed well with the arrival of a new little teething friend for Noah - Chewy from Cheeky Chompers!

You may be familiar with the Cheeky Chompers brand as they are the creators of the fantastic Neckerchew teething bib - We had these with Tyne and have been using them with Noah too, they are one of my favourite inventions for babies of all time!

Chewy is their latest product and is a super cute little chewable hippo made from soft natural rubber - you can use its little velcro strap to attach it to things (Noah prefers to chew on this!), it has a soothing scent and a little squeak when baby squeezes or chews on it!

Chewy really couldn't have arrived at a better time for Noah and he has really helped to make Noah's bad week easier - providing him with comfort, entertainment and of course friendship! 

He has really taken to his new little pal, and Chewy has accompanied Noah all around the house this week - he takes him for naps, drags him around the floor with him as crawls about, and sits gnawing away at him basically all day long!

It's lovely to see him attach so quickly to a toy that helps to ease his discomfort - and Chewy is a very cute little guy, I must admit!

Priced at just £10.99 I think he makes a wonderful investment for any teething baby or even just as a new baby gift - you can find out more at

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