Sunday, 31 January 2016

Me & Mine: January


Welcome to the first Me & Mine of 2016!

I can't believe that I achieved a whole year of taking a family portrait per month for 2015 - I never stick to anything so that is quite an achievement for me!

It's been so lovely to have 12 months of photos to look back on, and to see our family grow from a 3 into a 4...and soon to be 5...all in the space of a year!

I only wish I'd known about the project sooner so I could have joined in from the time we had our first child, but nevermind!

Unfortunately our photo for this month is FAR from perfect - I really wanted to get an extra special one as it's to be our very last photo as a family of four!

But sadly life seemed to work against me and every day that we were able to get out anywhere to take a photo, it rained...a LOT! January has been a ridiculous wet, dark, dank month in Devon!

I only wish we'd had some of the beautiful snow that seems to have graced everywhere else in the UK but here!

So we had to rush out to a local park to take our photos, they were snapped in a hurry as a heavy rain shower had just ended so we quickly ducked from the car into the park, dodging all the mud! The kids were glad of a go on the swings but Tyne was annoyed that the slides were too wet and muddy to we spent literally 5 minutes outside before we headed to the nice dry soft play centre next door instead!

There was no time for do-overs, so although the photos are either too bright, too blurry or the kids aren't looking ....they will have to do!!!

They were all that I had the energy for in my heavily pregnant state!

I could have taken the easier option of just taking our photos at home, but I enjoyed seeing different scenes in last years photos and I know that next months photo - in which we'll have a baby just a couple of weeks old - will most likely be at home!

This month, Daddy has been loving:

*The Christmas rush being over and getting back to normality!
*Deliberating over the Making A Murderer documentary series on Netflix

Mummy has been loving:

*The thought of not being uncomfortably pregnant for too much longer!
*Cooing over teeny weeny little babygros and hats again!
*Planning out ideas for the boys shared bedroom
*Watching Celebrity Big Brother and Making A Murderer!
*Being part of the blogger community...more on that tomorrow!

Tyne has been loving:

*Playing with his new Christmas toys
*Talking about plans for his 3rd birthday!

Noah has been loving:

*Shuffling around the floor and crawling backwards
*Trying to stand up on the sofa
*Pulling his "Cheese" face at everybody and making people laugh!

I'm also including my #MyMonthlyMontage video - this is something that was started by the lovely Alex at Bump To Baby and I have kept up with it since October, It's just a short series of clips from throughout the month but they are so lovely to look back on and I intend on putting them together on a DVD for us each year! I forgot to actually appear in any of the clips this month...oops!!! But there are lovely clips of the kids :)

What have your family been up to in January?

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