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MyTop 21 Photos of 2015

I saw this post originally on Slouching Towards Thatcham blog and thought it was such a wonderful idea...

I love the idea of simply taking the opportunity to look back over my favourite photos of the year, and taking the chance to share them on here...some of them for the first time and some that have already been shared ...and so that's exactly what I'm going to do!

I'm by NO means very good at photography, it's something that is totally new to me having only bought my first "Proper" camera in January last year and not having really ever sat down to learn how to use it properly - but nonetheless photography is something I would like to improve on and so I think documenting my favourite captures of the year and being able to look back on those in future years and (hopefully!) see improvement will be really motivating!

So here are my top 21!

Mummy photograph

This was taken a month after Noah's birth, and I decided to have a little impromptu photo shoot with him in the bedroom after his bath - I set the camera up on the tripod and snapped away, and this was one of my favourite shots!

This image was taken on that same day, Tyne had ventured upstairs to see what I was up to and I was attempting to get him to sit with us on the bed and smile for the camera - I had the camera timer on and instead of capturing a perfectly posed smiley photo of me with my boys as I had intended, it captured this candid moment when Tyne was pulling my hair and I was making a strange "Ow!" face whilst getting ready to pose a smile...I ended up really liking the shot as it's a much truer reflection of my life!! 

This image of Noah was taken in front of the Christmas Tree in our living room on Boxing Day, I was playing around with the camera settings trying to take some Bokeh effect shots with my new 50mm lens - I never could quite get the right distance between my subject and the lights (Our living room isn't long enough!) to get the perfect bokeh, but I loved the expression on Noah's face and the lighting in the image anyway!

This is a very very candid moment that I snapped with my i-phone, so it's very blurry and the composition is awful - but it's one of my favourites purely for the moment it captures. All of the men in my life in fits of laughter together, laying on the floor in front of the newly decorated Christmas Tree - magical!

This was a snap I took of the weeping window poppy display at St Georges Hall in Liverpool during a visit home in December - I had seen so many lovely shots of it online and I was desperate to be able to get a few of my own, it was a horrid dreary day when I got there and there were people everywhere making it very hard to get a shot with nobodys head in the way - I was quite pleased with the image I managed to get despite the circumstances!

This was a quick snap of my Dad with Noah at our Christmas Eve Eve party, and it just so happened to catch a look of absolute adoration on Noah's face which is priceless!!!

This is hands down my favourite shot of Tyne from 2015 - it was taken in our hotel room at the Headland Hotel in Cornwall during a visit in June, and I just love the angelic expression on his face and how perfectly it captures his big blue eyes. I think this will always be a firm favourite and I MUST remember to have it put on a canvas or framed!

This was a shot of Noah on our bed when he was a few weeks old that I took for a blog review of the cardigan he's wearing, I just love the outfit on him and it reminds me of his teeny tiny baby days. 

Again, I just love this for the cute factor - I had so much fun buying silly little outfits to photograph Noah in when he was tiny!

This was taken on the tripod on self timer during a visit to the park to feed the ducks - it's a shame none of the ducks had come around us yet when the camera snapped, but I still like the candidness of the shot and the light on the water. It also gives me the giggles as literally seconds after this was taken, Tyne decided to try to step right off the walkway...dunking his entire leg in the water!!! Luckily I grabbed him in time before any more of him went in!!!

This was one of the first photos I took of the boys together after Noah was born, it was an after-thought of a shot when I was about to put the camera away and it just so happened that Tyne glanced up at exactly the right moment.

This is another of my favourite shots of Tyne from 2015, purely because it captures a moment of real laughter and happiness. I love the glint in his eyes!

This was actually taken by a very kind nurse during my c-section just seconds after Noah had been placed in Jon's arms, I love the emotion it captures.

Noah's teeny tiny newborn feet cupped in Jon's hands is another of my favourite shots from the year. I'll never get tired of looking at wrinkly little baby feet!

This was the first photo of Tyne & Noah together at home (there were some camera snaps in the hospital but sadly I spoil them with my sexy post-op surgery stockings!) and I just love it - sleepy newborn Noah and super excited Tyne! I have this as a canvas in the living room.

This shot of Tyne admiring the view was taken during a holiday to Dorset in October, and I love the dreaminess of how Tyne is gazing out at the countryside.

This was an i-phone snap and I'm really not sure why I love it so much, it's something about Tyne's expression and his outfit combined with my memory of the day...but whatever the reason, I love it!

This was taken on a very blustery day on a beach local to us a few weeks before Noah was born in March, yet the colours make it look so much warmer than it was.

This image was taken outside the cottage we stayed in during a February trip to Cornwall, it was miles and miles of empty fields outside and Tyne just loved running around and looking at the cows! I just love the scenery behind him in this photo and with his flowing hair it almost seems timeless, as though it could be a photo of a child from any era!

Again, this just reminds me of all the fun I had dressing Noah up for photo sessions when he was tiny and a willing participant in such he'd be off the bed in a flash!!!

And finally, this image was taken as the sun was about to set on a late summers day after a walk around a local beauty spot...I love the excitement in Tyne's face and the setting sun behind him.

So there we have it, my favourite photographs from 2015 - we had quite an amazing year which I've blogged about here if you'd like to read any more about what we did!!

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